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Submitted by Fullish 2452d ago | article

Unjustifiably Overlooked: Folklore

Gamer Limit writes "It's a shame how poorly Game Republic's action-adventure Folklore sold considering how fantastic the story and the sixaxis implementation are. After seeing its abysmal lifetime sales from the NPD, I felt compelled to give this gem a little justice. " (Folklore, PS3)

Blackcanary  +   2452d ago
i still need
to complete this game finish all the side quest which i haven't done.
And complete it with both characters and collect gotta catch them all lol i'm 24 and i still watch pokemon lol. But 100% right though this game was very Overlooked.
himdeel  +   2452d ago
Same here...
...Folklore is an amazing game.
FPShooter  +   2452d ago
I agree. this is one of the most underrated title this gen (In my opinion). I really enjoyed it and I wish more people had given it a shot.
raztad  +   2452d ago
This and Heavenly Sword suffered a similar fate. A criminal nitpicking because they were the first generation (post launch) of exclusive PS3 games, those were very good days for the 360 and it was very edgy to trash talk the ps3. Two beautiful, enjoyable games tear apart by biased reviews. Folklore got a lot of 7/10 as did HS. It just made people reluctant to get them.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2452d ago
That's the next PS3 exclusive that I've missed that I am going to pick up. I've picked up Lair and Heavenly sword, but it's kind of hard to find Folklore for a good price. Seeing as I got HS for 20 and Lair for 16. If I can find Folklore for 25 that would be awesome. I enjoyed Heavenly Sword. Now Lair had its hits and misses, but some parts you just loved. My favourite was looking for the water.

chrisjc  +   2452d ago
I'd say this game is hands-down better than Heavenly Sword by a long-shot. That game was over in 5 hours, with 0 reason to come back to it.
Homicide  +   2452d ago
@Jame, I went to Wal-Mart today, and they had loads of games on sale for $10. Folklore was in there. Well worth it. It has one of the best stories this gen.
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WildArmed  +   2452d ago
its sad
This and Valkriya Chron. are top rate games, yet sales lack.
Keith Olbermann  +   2452d ago
great game..
needs trophy patch. I would get it again if this happened.
PorcelainGod   2452d ago | Spam
kylo12  +   2452d ago
I haven't played this game or valkyria chronicles, but I keep hearing that they're good. Maybe I should try it out.
specialguest  +   2452d ago
I too need to finish the game. There was nothing wrong the the game. It was actually a well developed game.
SL1M DADDY  +   2452d ago
Shame on anybody...
That did not play this game. It was fantastic and if you love any other monster hunter title, this game has your name written all over it. It has a beastery that was huge and fun to collect. The game, graphically was ahead of its time too and the game play was phenomenal. The reviews were poor because everybody was on the "hate on Sony" train and it was not until the following year that the train came to a halt.
OGharryjoysticks  +   2452d ago
Get Folklore first because it's a little better overall and since it's older it might be harder to find.
DEADEND  +   2452d ago
I can't wait until they come out with a second installment for this game, you never know they might announce it at E3 like they did for MAG last year.
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Wakka_  +   2452d ago
There won't be a sequel.

Shame, ya?
DRUDOG  +   2452d ago
Never say never...
kewlkat007  +   2452d ago
My first game for the PS3...
Wasn't bad though I hated the knocked down animation...just way too clumsy and I loved the music. I do recommend...
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2452d ago
Great soundtrack! Didn't really enjoy the game too much.

There is a demo available so no excuses for any PS3 owner not to try it.
SkankinGarbage  +   2452d ago
Moreso than Metal Gear Solid 4, moreso than even Valkyria Chronicles, this is the game that really makes me think, "DAMN, I wish I had a PS3."
goflyakite  +   2452d ago
I think it mostly has to do with the time it was released and the genre. By the time I got my PS3 (two Christmas' ago) it had been out for a few months. And since it was a new IP that I didn't know much about, choosing it over the many other games that I had to catch up on would have been a tough choice to make.

I still want to play the full game someday because I loved the demo.
Dimly  +   2452d ago
I always wanted to check this one out.
Fullish  +   2452d ago
Well it's pretty cheap now, so you probably should.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2452d ago
Grab the demo off of PSN. =)
Silly gameAr  +   2452d ago
I played the demo
and have been meaning to get this game, but whenever I'm out, I always forget to look for it. When I go to pick up inFamous tomorrow, I'll be on the look out for it. Hope I can find it for a decent price.
Myst  +   2452d ago
I 100% agree, got the game could only find it used sadly and would have to say it's one of those great games that are best played at night (at least for me) playing in the daytime just doesn't have the same effect for some reason, (perhaps the atmosphere of the game?)
Homicide  +   2452d ago
Same here. I suppose it's the mystery murder theme and the dark, gloomy atmosphere of Doolin.
Myst  +   2452d ago
Yeah that's more than likely it, seeing that it's nighttime now I should go back and play it again. Since tomorrow is damnation review time, oh and before I forget to ask do you (or any one else for that matter) have the DLC for the game if so how is it? I was planning on getting it, but haven't gotten around to it yet.
Homicide  +   2452d ago
Yeah, I purchased all of them. I highly recommend the second bundle and the free DLCs of course. The second bundle includes a quest that will give you a nice clue about Keats, and the folks were great. The first one was alright, while the third one is pretty difficult and had some annoying quests.
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Myst  +   2452d ago
Ah, okay thank you for the insight (before I forget bubbles to you for the help). I suppose I'll be getting all three still, as it's pretty much the only game I play at night and in summer you get those days in which you just can't sleep at night. Though may be best if I finish the game first :).
DrWan  +   2452d ago
For me the game was initially fun
I played Keat all the way and had to stopped and go back to ellen, that sort of ruined the experience a bit for me IMO. I think i am re-doing everything twice since you 'have' to play both character through the same realm eventhough there were differences in the creatures for you to catch.

But I did manage to finish the game; I guess I sort of made it very repetitive for myself trying to find all the monsters; alot of them I don't ever use after trasversing that realm. T_T

Anyways, it was not a bad game, i give it probably 7.5-8.0 out of 10. Which is pretty high already; Valkria Chronicle would be a 9.0 for me though. With the DLC's VC probably approaching a 9.5 (if those DCL's were included as Unlockables on disc,it would definately have been a 9.5 IMO).

A 10...would be like Final Fantasy Tactics or Castlevania Syphony of hte Night on the first play through to put things in perspective for anyone out there who is still on the fence on this game.

I got it online for 25 dollars (with shipping and everything included); So at that price, I think everyone should check out this game, it was the Very First RPG to come on the USA for the PS3.
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syvergy  +   2452d ago
I really have to get my hands on this one, sounds like a great game.
Ziriux  +   2452d ago
Folklore I thought was one of the good titles on the system.
Fullish  +   2452d ago
If the game is so good, why was it overlooked?
Unicron  +   2452d ago
Competition, time of release, review scores, hate for the PS3, small install base.
ShiNe-Box-  +   2452d ago
I like how you saved that question for the open zone... nice :)

The greater majority of the media & forum members, at the time of the games launch (2007), were xbots (or what I prefer to call... handicaps).
-MD-  +   2452d ago
I'm sorry our community is larger and we have a bigger selection of games to choose from but we can't help you unless you just pick up a 360 and join us.

It's not hard your mom will totally buy you one.
Too_Hyped  +   2452d ago
@murderdolls : Is it a 2006 post ?
JQ  +   2452d ago
I still might check this one out.
stevedawonder  +   2452d ago
I always overlooked it, unjustifiably so.
jBat17  +   2452d ago
they should release it as platinum half price
it's a good game.. check out the demo and see for yourself

this game was a victim of the media bias in 2007.. should be rated 85+.. it was a unique game, no other game like it, and it was a good looking one too
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romemac7  +   2452d ago
folklore was underrated
CobraKai  +   2452d ago
I thought this has one of the best uses for the Sixaxis motion control
NewYork214  +   2452d ago
i never beat this yet. i rented it when it came out and never finished it. it was pretty good. i wanna go back and start it all over soon.
admeister  +   2452d ago
is an excellent PS3 exclusive, and one of my first PS3 games. It was a day 1 purchase for me, and it still makes the best use of motion control on the PS3 if you ask me (Lair did a pretty good job too). The game looks and plays great, has some beautiful FMVs, and features a rather interesting story. If you own a PS3, there's no reason not to play this game! :)
-MD-  +   2452d ago
I never got a chance to play this but I'll give it a rent one day.
MriownBOTH  +   2452d ago
its a different game. its ok. its cool to use the six-axis to rip out your enemy souls. good cheap game
rmedtx888  +   2452d ago
Folklore is an amazing game. The implementation of the sixaxis controls are pretty cool. I think reviewers were in fact really unfair with this amazing title.
Figboy  +   2452d ago
i bought Folklore the day it came out in 2007
and it's such an underappreciated title.

the visual design, music, characters, and gameplay are top notch. the story is surprisingly good, even though it does have a predictably anime ending.

it's a shame it released during the year of unbelievably insane Playstation 3 hate. games like Motorstorm, Resistance, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, and Ratchet and Clank never received the credit they deserved for being fun, enjoyable games. Uncharted was the ONLY one that people didn't really seem to have a problem with, and while that game is brilliant also, the others i mentioned really represented the PS3 well in it's first year. instead, the media (and many a gamer) focused on games like Lair and Haze, as if they were the ONLY Playstation 3 games out, and also as if there had never been games that failed to live up to their hype (on a side note - Haze had hype? HAZE?? really?).

the majority of the year one PS3 exclusives were really good. Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Resistance, Motorstorm, Virtua Fighter 5, Folklore, Ratchet and Clank Future, Heavenly Sword, Eye of Judgment, Uncharted, and Unreal Tournament 3 were all REALLY GOOD games, and as far as a year one library goes, it's very impressive. it's only gotten BETTER since then.

anyway, Folklore rocks, and it's pretty cheap these days. i highly recommend it.
nix  +   2452d ago
i finished it 3 weeks back...
i bought it because i badly wanted a game with a different and a good story. story is just too good. this is one of those games where you put 10 hrs a day and spend the same the following days.

i really felt good while playing it, kind of made me realise why i am still a gamer. Heavenly Sword and Warhawk are the other two games which are must haves. the game is a stellar! dont miss it guys!
Magna Farta  +   2452d ago
This game was hard to find for a while, but at a wal-mart near me they now have it in the bargain bin for $20, with lots of stock it looks like too. I picked mine up last week but have yet to play it (still addicted to Sacred 2 for the moment).

Oh and BTW, speaking of cheap games, I found a copy of the new Leisure suit Larry used for $10, and trust me, it was $10 too much.
Lord_Ash  +   2452d ago
I haven't finished this game yet but I need a motivation to go back to it with all the new games and stuff Hint:trophies.
ShinnokDrako  +   2452d ago
The sound is great, the story is fantastic and full of surprises (who finished it can know that) and one of the best games that use the Sixaxis, it was great when you had to get the folks pulling the controller toward you like if you really had to "pull" out the soul from the folk.
The only problem was a bit of low framerate when there were too many things on the screen, but only in some parts, not so many (and it wasn't annoying at all).
A must buy, for those ppl who like fantasy stories, collecting things and secrets + RPG elements.
Too_Hyped  +   2452d ago
One of the most underrated games ever. I got it as a gift from Sony, it was just great in graphics and gameplay.

It was released among the first PS3 exclusives and at that time it was 'cool' to hate on the PS3, hence sales and reviews were subpar.

It's still one of the most beautiful, colorful and engaging games this gen.

It suffered a lot from being poorly translated from japanese, though. Cutscenes are not on par with gameplay and presentation, but in my opinion that's not a major default.

Buy this gem, especially if you're into action / RPG.
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callahan09  +   2452d ago
One of my favorite PS3 games. For sure. It's an utterly beautiful game, with great music and an addictive quality like Pokemon to a certain degree. Good story, good characters, and really excellent use of motion controls.

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