How Square Enix Sees Its Future Sales

Brian Ashcraft writes -

The build-up has been immense. These games have been years in the making. That's right, Dragon Quest IX and Final Fantasy XIII

But we're expecting Dragon Quest IX this summer in Japan and later this year in North America. We're expecting FFXIII in Japan this winter and in America next year.

What is Square Enix expecting? Sales, lots and lots of sales. (That being said, these estimates on Square Enix's part do seem rather conservative for both titles being released - however, Yoichi Wada did state that these projections do include DQIX and FFXIII. Eidos also factors in as well, so these numbers are kinda low, no?)

Still, screw spin-offs, those guys should release big, expensive DQ and FF sequels every year!

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rockleex3343d ago

The chart lists "2009.3" and "2010.3"

I think that means 3rd quarter 2009 and 2rd quarter 2010.

This might explain why their 2009 sales expectations aren't that high because FFXIII wouldn't release till 4th quarter 2009.

heroicjanitor3343d ago

Considering FFXIII will be out in Japan... Does it have an official release date or does this mean it is getting delayed?

SpoonyRedMage3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

No, they should not release DQ and FF every year! I'd rather wait for the big releases and have them be awesome then them be released once a year and be pathetic.

Ah well, I hope they do well(I know a lot of people don't).

@V: XII wasn't bad, just not as great. Matsuno's illness really spelt trouble for them though.

Vicophine3343d ago

Final Fantasy XII disagrees with you =/ and I hope they do terrible, they deserve a wake up call.

Chris Hansen3343d ago

FF7 (3 year) (Masterpiece)
FF8 (2 year) (Masterpiece)
FF9 (1 year) (Masterpiece)
FFX (1 year) (Masterpiece) (My personal favorite game of all time)
FF12 (5 year) (piece of turd)

SpoonyRedMage3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

See I didn't particularily like XII either but there's some people who think it was great and a good change to the series. It certainly divided opinion.

FFXIII may not do well, to serve as a bit of a wake up call but I think DQ will do well no matter what(The DQ games have always done well on the DS) and Enix has always had a Nintendo following and equally supported Nintendo and Sony. Enix also absorbed Square, it wasn't a 50/50 merge.

@[email protected] One: That's how I know it as well and it only recently occured to me that we keep thinking of the company as SQUARE Enix when it's mostly Enix and it's mostly Enix's interests being seen to.

DrWan3343d ago

The first FF i didn't finish, FF9 Almost didn't finish either; had to force myself at the end. FF10 finished it with no problem. X-2 Didn't finish.

i_like_ff73343d ago

Chris Hanson i think your way of logic is a bit off. FF12 was one of my least favourite Final Fantasy games but consider what SE was trying to achieve. Its ambition was much higher than the rest of the FF games. Going from turn based to real time is a big change for a series of of jrpg's that have basically played the same way for a decade. The combat was not bad. The real hit for me and a lot of people was the story which was one of the worst for ff games. Everything else they did well and beyond any Final Fantasy if not most jrpg's in general.

Da One3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Spirits within hurt Square so much that Enix didn't want to merge, but Sony went to bat for Square giving them a huge capital injection(this gave them 17.8 odd percent of the company, they now own 8 odd percent) and helping SE recoup the losses from Spirits within

Enix then seized the opportunity to take Square(legally absorbed them), all owners of square received .85 of all their shares while Enix owners received 1-to-1 shares in the new company............Square-Enix

I'm no businessman so please correct me if i made an error

kewlkat0073343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Plus I remember Enix published and made some great games and was a great competitor to Squaresoft.

Games like Dragon Quest, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile series, ActRaiser, Robotrek, Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma(so fn underatted) for the Super Nintendo.

If it wasn't for that movie "The spirits Within" that hurt Squaresoft they would have never thought about mergers. It is, what it is. Competition is great for the Industry, so I hate when two giants merge. It's tough to know what the quality will be like.

Final Fantasy X came out "July 19, 2001" and since the 2002 merger, sh!t have never really been the same. The best JRPG since the Merger for Square, if you ask me. While I do not think doubt they still have something left, they def lost some magic and vision when you know who left.

Square-enix have been comfortable like most companies that get big, we need some more JRPG franchises that challenge. All people wait for is FF(So do I) but there are other franchises out there that don't sell crap but they are good.

kevnb3343d ago

it was one of the better final fantasies, with tons of great side quests and things to find. I think some of you put story first, most people play video games for gameplay first.

kewlkat0073343d ago

Sorry but if the story doesn't keep up, I tend to just trudge along a JRPg. Even for hours just to get my money's worth and I hate that.

Now your statement is very much true, when it comes to FPS's/Open-world games.

Shoot/Destroy first, ask questions later.

blackpanther253343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

i totally agree with you. +bub

Final fantasy had a horrible story, it was not compelling at all. The gameplay was lame too because you spam the quickenings.

Just to let you people know JRPGs are about story first. All the old rpgs like chrono trigger and etc had incredible stories. Why because rpgs had a basic formula for gameplay and it was all about turnbase action with a little difference here and there. So the main focus of the games were their stories .After the Square enix merger all their rpgs had predictable stories with MAJOR plot holes. They care more about apealing to westerners by making half-assed combat systems like last remnant and final fantasy XII.

kevnb3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

For example, chrono trigger was so great for the gameplay, atmosphere, exploration, music and characters.
The story was probably the weakest point, but only because everything else was so great. the only jrpgs that focus on story first that i like are the xeno series, but those games have great atmosphere, lots to find and an atleast interesting gameplay. Why do you think dragon quest rivals final fantasy in sales? Dragon quest might not have a large western appeal due to the art style but i would suggest dragon quest 8 is by far the best jrpg on ps2 despite the story lacking a bit.
These comments have me thinking though, maybe the reason jrpgs sell mostly so poorly this side of the world is that audience just doesnt get them and play only the ones that have great story lines.

DarK-SilV3343d ago

FF12 was a good game but you people just didn't give it a chance,some of the Characters were weak but overall it was a masterpiece,

blackpanther253343d ago

i gave ff12 a chance i got the best armors, the strongest weapons, and all the summons but whats the point when you can just spam the quickenings throughout the whole game. The story didn't help make the game any better. I mean there weren't any real character development in the game. It was like a predictable hollywood movie

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MajesticBeast3343d ago

Dont forget that piece of sh!t they called ffx-2 thank you enix:D

TapiocaMilkTea3343d ago

I actually liked FFX2, I wish they would release more actual sequels, not spin offs for the portables.

admeister3343d ago

is my favorite Final Fantasy after FFX. The battle system was great, being able to change jobs on the fly was very clever imo. :) It made the game a lot more interesting than it would have been if it were more like FFX's. I still haven't seen anything quite like it in another RPG!

Magnus3343d ago

People will buy FF13 cause its a Final Fantasy game but the question is when the game is released after the number of delays and set backs wil the hype still be there for it

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