The message to fans in Advent Children Complete

Destructoid: Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of going to see Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete with Japanator writer Jeff Chuang. The screening, held by New York Tokyo for various members of the press at Sony's Wonder Technology Lab, provided a new look at this update of Advent Children.

It's been about 13 years now since we were first introduced to the universe of Final Fantasy VII, and Advent Children Complete seems to be a capstone piece to the whole series, closing it off so that the people involved can finally be free from the project. After all, this is the only title to see so many sequels and paraphenalia, to the point where it became overkill.

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Natsu893490d ago

Whatever this guy said doesn't matter
i want a remake :/
Remakes should be done every decade or console generation.
I say this because there are ppl who missed them, like me.
And SE is remaking any ff anyway just not 7 and some others :/

Lucreto3490d ago

I would love one as well. I hope the reason FF XIII is multiplatform is Sony secured the rights to a remake.

meepmoopmeep3490d ago

the biggest reason i want a remake is
to have voice acting in it.

well, and updated graphics, but yeah.

SpoonyRedMage3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I would also like a remake... I wouldn't even mind a port to the DS because then I could play it on the go!(I know that wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea).

@Lucreto: You have to keep in mind though that Enix absorbed Square so the company is much more Enix than it is Square and Enix hasn't had the same loyalty to Sony as Square did. The exclusivity deal also went when Enix absorbed then, hence the Crystal Chronicle dev(actually Square's production team 2) being absorbed as well.

jkoz3490d ago

It's funny, this article tells us to move on, yet Square isn't moving on. There's still one unannounced part of the compilation. Square will make a remake one day, but who knows when it'll be.

Genesis53490d ago

I can't beleive how many sales of this movie they have blown by not including the demo in NA. I would have bought it for sure. Now not a chance.

Marceles3490d ago

"After all, this is the only title to see so many sequels and paraphenalia, to the point where it became overkill."

Eh...even FFX-2 was overkill. Once a primary FF game is made they should just leave it alone, it wasn't until Square merged with Enix that they thought it was a good idea to overexpose the game. I bet if Sakaguchi was still with Square we would be on 14 or 15 by now.

silverchode3490d ago

why would the include a japanese demo of ff13 in the english version of the bluray.

jkoz3490d ago

Really? That demo is worth that much to you? I imported it from Japan and sorry to say, I regret spending what I did. It was cool to finally play it but there really was not much there, and what is there is being modified before the release anyway. The main attraction in this package is definitely the Blu-Ray version of FFVII: Advent Children. This is the definitive version of the movie to own, and it's a shame they didn't release this three years ago.

Willio3490d ago

Well Squarenix announced the FF7 series will end with their 20th anniversary. Thats when the remake will come out (2017). Thats just my guess.

rockleex3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Haha! We know you want an FF7 remake, but guess what? We won't give it to you!

We know you want it so much that we can just release multiple FF7 spin-offs that mostly suck, and you will still buy it in hopes of it leading to an eventual FF7 remake!

We know we could make MILLIONS by doing a remake, but we won't! We'd rather stick to poor spin-offs that give us profits, but definitely not nearly as much profit as the full remake.

Also, we treat all platforms equally... that's why we haven't released ANY game on the PS3 at all. Yup, we're idiots. ^_^

LightofDarkness3489d ago

SE will develop a FF7 remake once everyone stops buying their remakes of other titles and all of their new IPs, prospective and released, fail. It will be a desperation move to win back customers. They'll probably be on a Crystal Chronicles or VSXIII remake by then, though.

AAACE53489d ago

In a surprising move, SE will announce a FFVII remake/update game that will be bundled with the movie, in an effort to smooth things over with fans who are still mad about FFXIII going multiplat.

...keep your fingers crossed!

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mirroredderorrim3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I have a legitimate question.

Would you want your remake, with a more... say, realistic approach to the visuals?
Would you like your remake to retain the same style graphics, but updated with the best tech this gen has to offer?

I emphasize the later more, because realistic is where everything is going, now-days and I think the later would be a little more difficult to achieve. I mean that as in please the fans.

I really loved the old style, myself but I just don't want the game to be drowned out by other influence and the feeling of the ACTUAL game get lost in development.

shawnsl653489d ago

i think most of us want the advent children type graphic if there is a remake.

Natsu893489d ago

i agree with shawns, if a remake of ff7 comes out, it has to look like advent children, thats it. Why should we use the old grapfics if we have the power of PS3/PS4?

97gsx3490d ago

I want a sequel that follows proper rpg rules. Hopefully before I die I will find out what happened with genesis from crisis core and weiss from Dirge.

Magna Farta3490d ago

....when Square themselves can't even move on. Just about every pre-FF7 game has had their own little (or sometimes BIG) remakes, rehashes, and even multi-system re-releases!! Hell, even Chrono Trigger is on it's 3rd iteration!

Look, Square, the sooner you make an FF7 remake, the sooner you'll recoup the massive losses (both monetary and reputationally) that your other "efforts" have given you. I just hope they understand just how much money they'll make from it.

Ravage273489d ago

i used to worship you back then...right now i just wish for you to go bankrupt (ok maybe you can release FFXIII:VS before that happens).
Then i'll hope Nomura and Kitase starts a new studio with Sony's support. Wow that would be so awesome XD

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