XboxHome: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Preview

XboxHome writes: "Battlefield Bad Company 2, the next installment of the recently new Bad Company series, is due out in March 2010 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Bad Company 2 will take off where Bad Company finished when four men were heading off into early retirement with a truckful of gold. One year on and they're back in the fight. Their freedom is over as they are forced back into the new war which is combating a more personal threat. The Russians are closing in quickly towards the United States through Alaska, which they plan to invade. Sweetwater, Marlowe, and Haggard are sent to survey a village in Abkhaz near the Russian Border before sneaking in on foot. Before entering, Sergeant Redford knifes a Russian lookout; the coast is now clear and the next order is to pursue a Russian-operated vehicle at the end of the village. The four-man team approach using as much cover as possible and then progress by demolishing buildings and dodging enemy fire.

The team progress through waypoints, fighting until they reach the hilltop only to see, in disappointment, the Russian vehicle escaping. The team gives chase, which turns in to an action packed scene. Sweetwater, Marlowe, Haggard and Redwater are finally chased into a tunnel..."

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PSG4MER3342d ago

A fantastic preview on a game im really looking forward to!

glennc3341d ago

"He went on to explain that DICE have so far produced a pure COD styled game – enemies dashing out from doorways, taking cover behind concrete barriers, a seemingly endless stream of cannon fodder..."

Sounds like respawning to me. please don't go down that route DICE. even infinity ward have promised to get rid of it. It's what made bad company 1 better than COD4 and 5. if you try to directly compete you will lose, you already have a superior game. EA get your hands off, i know this is your doing?

STOP TRYING TO MAKE COD. we want battlefield!

i WAS really looking forward to this game, now... not so much