Smart Marketing Techniques By Nintendo

No super powerful processors, no HD next-gen graphics and no HD movie support has prevented Nintendo's Wii from stealing the majority of the market share which is more than both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 combined. Due to a rather simple yet intelligent marketing campaign the Nintendo Wii is running away from the competition.

Nintendo has released the Wii Fit and just recently, EA's Active Sport title to add to the Wii experience. Based on the commercials for these two exclusive titles it is clear that Nintendo is catering to the female audience in order to drive sales. From the buzz surrounding these two workout titles, their strategy is working quite well. Debating whether or not these new offerings by Nintendo are gimmicks or not doesn't matter as long as they are enjoyed by the millions of Wii users.

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heroicjanitor3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Too bad they have no substance.