Gametrailers: inFAMOUS: Megawatt Gameplay Montage HD

Witness the power of this super charged man that has made him infamous.

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WildArmed3487d ago

I can wait a day.
Dont wanna spoil any powers and stuff that werent in the demo :/

cryymoar3487d ago

i already have the game its soooo freaking fun, about to get back to play it!

Why o why3487d ago

GT should really fix their colour/contrast settings though. Cant they afford a KURO with that money ** slips them or is that only for 360 games:(

goflyakite3487d ago

I like the part with the boss. :)

DFogz3487d ago

The ending was hilarious

supahbad3487d ago

i loved the demo and i will love the game even more,(even though the graphics look like a highly polished game using UR3). this is the first true, great single player game this generation. dont talk about uncharted, it was very good, but this game is way better than the first uncharted. now U2 is somthing else.