Sony: "No PSN Cards for Europe"

In an interview with the Belgian website 9lives, Sony Belgium admitted that there will be no PSN Cards for Europe. "We know that the demand is huge, but it's a difficult task to release them. Europe has many countries, and each of them has their own VAT, you know. We won't say it will never come, but you can't expect it in the near future."

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4pocalyps33196d ago

ffs! this really takes the piss!

Barack-Obama-Sucks3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Yeh this takes the piss. Sony fans shouldnt stand for this.

Just to remind everyone. Xbox has gamercards and and Microsft isnt like sony.

4pocalyps33196d ago

doesn't mean im going crazy and jump onto xbox live just to claim gamercards.

Stinkinmushroom3196d ago

Lol, then i hope for Sony that the rumors about the PSPGo (with no UMD) is false..

Trollimite3196d ago

the reason they havent done it is beacause currency excange rates, it would be cheeper for euro gamers to buy a visa card for the psn, than having psn cards.

its sonys fault for not using a point system like ms and nintendo

they cant make a 31 pound psn cards, thats not practical

ali3123196d ago

if microsoft can do it then so can sony

mastiffchild3196d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. SCEE just don't want to provide their gamers with the services found in the US and Japanese areas. They take the good faith of EU PS owners far too much for granted.

Hell, the EU has been way more loyal to PS3 and Sony than they already deserve and it always seems like the number of countries is the issue. If it was that hard then how do we ever get games here? I can see it might take longer than elsewhere but, really, we've still no vid store in the UK a year after the US and don't start me on the mess they made of releasing SF2THDR over here. Live had it at the right time so their "legal issues" BS doesn't wash.

Anytime they can let us all down they will. BTW even Live in the EI is a poor relation of the US service. It just happens that MS aren't quite as bad for this as Sony(well SCEE) in this case.

yaygames3196d ago

How f'n lazy is that.
'we know everyone wants them, just wayyyyy to much effort to calculate the VAT.'
Its not like they employ one person.

barom3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Microsoft doesn't have Xbox Live subscription or Xbox Live points cards in Norway as far as I know. A look at the link below and you'll see it too. One of Norway's biggest retailer. They're kinda like Norway's version of Fry's or Best Buy. Anyway it links to the Game Accessories from Microsoft. It's possible that UK may have them but I doubt any other EU country does.

Super-Brad3196d ago

Yeah that does take the p1ss, but they can make this all work out if they release game vouchers e.g buy a card for a game such as pain or game add-ons like warhawks omega dawn with redeem codes, it will be easier the only down on this is having the vast store on cards probably tricky.

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MGOelite3196d ago

ffs. oh well ill keep using my credit card but this needs sorting sony

Karum3196d ago

If Apple can have cards for iTunes then Sony can have PSN cards.

If MS can sell MS point vouchers then Sony can sell PSN cards.

There's really no excuse for not having these available to the masses and it's absolutely shocking they don't exist in Europe.

Unbiased13196d ago

I agree. I am selling my PS3 starting tomorrow and getting me 360. This is such BS! go to hell Sony, i had enough

Unbiased13196d ago

I know American PS3 fanboys will spin this and defend Sony but this is such BS. I have VISA, and no Sony i am not going to use it ! MS had cards over 4!!!!! Years ago and you still don't have them!? FUUUU

Stinkinmushroom3196d ago

"I have VISA and i'm not gonna use it"


now stfu

Edo4113196d ago

When he says VISA he means the credit/debit card, not the VISA that lets you in and out of countries.

RememberThe3573196d ago

It's not like it's a sin or something.

I don't get it, you don't want to use your visa on the PSN, but you'd use it to buy a PSN card that you would then use on the PSN.

How about you just cut out the middle man and use your VISA on the PSN?

heroicjanitor3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Do you listen to yourself or were you just trying to get a response? You don't have cards!?! That's it the deal's off!!! Anyway I just get those 3v vouchers they are the exact same thing... You pay a retailer 22.50 for 20 euros credit and then use your voucher as a credit card. Anywhere that accepts visa. Including psn. Quit crying. Or are you just happy you found something the 360 has that the ps3 doesn't? Europe has f' all of the things on live that america has. No netflix or anything they are as bad as each other when bringing things to europe.

IaMs123196d ago

I understand why people do not want to use there credit cards/debit cards online. Its the samething as the internet and quite frankly its safer to buy a gamercard in the store then online. I mean since the PS3 is soo free with its own browser and stuff there is definately some people out there capable of stealing card #'s.

it is bull though, selling your system over this is kind of retarded, now if Sony started charging like MS for a yearly fee then i can see why then too. Sony should change it too a point system.

heroicjanitor3196d ago

They can be used anywhere including psn, so I don't see what the problem is...

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Edo4113196d ago

I'm annoyed is what i am, what if you don't have a credit card? What if you don't want to use a credit card in case someone gets the info? They are potentially losing customers this way and therefore losing money.