Kojima's Next Project: 5 Possibilities

Koku Gamer writes: "People have speculated as to the meaning of the letters and numbers appearing in the teaser website with E, 3 and 5 appearing. Many suspect this to mean MGS5 at E3. Koku Gamer looked for another meaning. The teaser actually contains the letter 'e' in lower and upper case and the '5' could easily be an 'S'. With good old fashioned research and a combination of these characters we came up with something interesting.

EES 3, a project which 'reviews the environmental systems that carry out the exchange of energy and matter between the solid earth, the oceans, the atmosphere, and the biosphere'..."

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Barack-Obama-Sucks3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

MGS4 Subsistance for 360!

MGS2 was on Xbox .

In my opinion 360 is where the money is. Square and Konami are the same.

Barack-Obama-Sucks3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

i think the 3 and the S refers to 360.

3= Three
S= Sixty

not e3 . cuz why mention e3 if we know its coming at e3 ?

Xeall3464d ago

as it says at the bottom of the article, the chances of that are slim

- Ghost of Sparta -3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Correction, MGS2: Substance was released on the Xbox and the PS2, but the Xbox port sold around 4 copies worldwide. Visually, both versions were identical. Subsistence was then released and it stayed exclusive to the PS2. Why didn't you mention that? :)

Here's something for you.

Xeall3464d ago

true MGS2 substance was on XBOX, but that had no copywrited content. Im not sure if 3 did to be honest. Racking my brain now

Ziriux3464d ago

Yea Sparta, that's sad to hear, I was hoping the MGS game on the Xbox would have been a big success to encourage Kojima do develop another one.

KaBaW3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

True. It will most likely not make the jump to the x360, nor do I think it will.
But, before the FF announcement you would've thought that happening would be slim.
Hell, I never thought that would happen, either.

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badbond13464d ago

Don't you wish! Don't you wish you crapbox was as superior as my ps3! Don't you wish you could have a superior game like MGS4 to play!!! Check this out - President Obamas intelligence over the brain dead McCain is like comparing how superior the ps3 is over the crapbox! God bless OUR President, Barack Hussein Obama! God bless AMERICA! God bless the PS3!!!!

wwm0nkey3464d ago

Im going with Zone of the Enders, loved that game

Xandet3464d ago

Even as a hardcore MGS fanboy, I can't help but hope Kojima develops a new ZoE game. I rented the first out of the blue when I was young and liked it a lot. I basically did the same thing with the sequel, but my love of gaming had matured a bit so I could truly enjoy it to the fullest extent. Hands down, the ZoE series has provided the greatest mech gameplay ever IMO.. and I can't begin to imagine what amazing things Kojima could do with "next-gen" hardware for ZoE3. Regardless, I know whatever Kojima produces will be solid gold and I can't wait to see what it is.

Ziriux3464d ago

I feel very ebarrased to ask but how big was ZOE game, did it sell well? Is this something that would sell a lot in todays game market?

KaBaW3464d ago

I've never played the games, either..
To much games on the PS2(?) to get them all.

Would you say the ZOE games are worth picking up, today?

Cinotix3464d ago

That's interesting what you say about the energy thing, this sounds like Prison Break.

UnSelf3464d ago

We got a McCain fan in here


a John McCain fan in here


KaBaW3464d ago

Why is your avatar wearing a dress? o.O

KaBaW3464d ago

Oh. Just tryin to fit in. Gotcah.
I guess you wear that mask cause you not as pretty as the ladies?

DelbertGrady3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

I wear it because I'm prettier than the ladies.

@cmrbe - My avatar is. Are you a tomato?

Rockox3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Soda Popinsky, you rule.

KaBaW3463d ago

Okay. That works.. Just don't wanna make them jealous, eh?

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Icemael3464d ago

Good article. I just hope it's a multiplatform game, so I won't have to listen to fanboys whining.

Frulond3464d ago

either way there will be whining

* if it's a multiplatform game PS3 owners will whine
* if it's a PS3 exclusive 360 owners will whine

never ending story

Ziriux3464d ago

Aint that the truth brother, this world will never be free of whiners.

Icemael3464d ago

Yeah, I suppose fanboys will be fanboys.

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