Top Ten Scariest Games

Digital Spy: The movie industry has always used Halloween as the perfect time to release the latest horror films. With the release of Dead Space, Manhunt 2 and Shellshock 2, it seems the games industry is starting to follow suit. Here we celebrate Halloween by taking a look at the top ten scariest games of all time.

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Nambassa3340d ago


- Ghost of Sparta -3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Where's Fatal Frame 2, Clock Tower 3, F.E.A.R, and Obscure?

GWAVE3340d ago

Eh, pretty good list. I especially liked the inclusion of Dead Space, Eternal Darkness, and Condemned.

However, the other games? Uh, there's a BIG difference between "scary" and "gory". Hence, there's no legitimate reason for the RE series to be on there. Where's the Fatal Frame series? What about F.E.A.R? And what about System Shock 2? All three of those games deserve a spot on the list.

ehkinoh3340d ago

Not sure I would agree with F.E.A.R. being on the list.

I felt that the first gameplay trailers for F.E.A.R. made it look like it was going to be scary as hell, but the actual game seemed a bit toned down. You would know when most scares were coming as you would hear the radio crackling.

I Personally found Bioshock to be "scarier" than F.E.A.R., but of course that's just one man's opinion...

P.S.: good to see DeadSpace make the list, One of my favorite surprises of 2008.

phosphor1123340d ago

Especially Doom 3. You KNOW when stuff is gonna happen. If you don't then you aren't looking at the:
a) Corpses on the floor
b) The big void in the middle of a room
c) The lights flickering
d) The guy in front of you.

Scary? Far from it.

Also, best Resident Evil games were the Outbreak games. It gave you a real sense of urgency. No pausing to take herbs, only pause you got was to mess with the options. Also, each character enabled so many ways to beat a level, which was just amazing.

Alvadr3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Does anyone rememeber Phantasmagoria

That game scared the crap out of me but I was only young at the time. Shouldnt have even been playing an 18.

Another reason why this game sticks out in my mind is because it came on 7CDs and surprisingly the game was quite short. LOL

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WildArmed3340d ago

disagree on how they placed Dead Space quite low.
It'd be alot higher on my list.

Nambassa3340d ago

same here. i nearly shat my pants playing that game, here: BUBBLES!!

ShabzS3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

nah while dead space was creepy and atmosphericly tense at times it really wasnt SCARY... but fatal frame 2 on the other hand... even siren on ps2 was good

Envy273340d ago

I think fatal frame was even More scary then people would beileve.
This guy makes it funny.

Xandet3340d ago

Hilarious.. sad thing is that I can totally relate to that guy. The first Fatal Frame was the single most terrifying, heart-pumping gaming experience I've ever had. Given, I was about 12 when I played it.. but still. God that game was good.

peeps3340d ago

haha that can't be serious surely :p

i can't say i've ever found a game scary tbh but then again i never really played games that were too old for me (altho i do remember playing resident evil 3 round a mates when i was young)

tbh as a kid i was more scared of jurassic park than any video game lol

1 game has actually made me jump out of my seat though... f.e.a.r - there was this bit in some offices where they're dimly lit, theres no action and ur going into each partition to stock up on health and ammo, then u walk into 1 and alma crawls from the shadow towards u kinda like the girl from the ring or the grudge lol that really made me jump :p my problem with f.e.a.r tho was that the best bits of the game were the jumpy/surreal bits and the rest was pretty mediocre and repetative :(

velaxun3340d ago

Man I remember that part from FEAR! That scared the living hell outta me, it was the first time I had ever screamed while playing a game. FEAR 2 has come close a few times, man that game's creepy. I don't know about you guys but I find FEAR 2 absolutely terrifying, that one scene in the elementary when the lights go off in the hallway and all the ghosts are wandering around.... wow I had to stop playing for a bit >.<

Rockox3340d ago

The first 15 minutes of Fatal Frame 2 (including a creepy cutscene) were some of the most frightening and unsettling images I've ever experienced in a game.

Silent Hill 2 wins, hands down.

levy3339d ago

He is DEAD serious in that video. I promise you, that game can be horrifying when played alone. Just like that. Might not look too scary, but the mood is what makes it so scary.

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Ziriux3340d ago

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! Number 2, Resident Evil, I don't know where you guys see resident evil being a scary game comparing to so many that are out today.

WildArmed3340d ago

Re5 isn't much to talk about.
butt if u played the previous RE games, they were always scary.

Xandet3340d ago

Since they included the entire series, I agree with the #2 spot whole-heartily. RE1&2 were terrifying back on the PS1.. even though I was very young when I got my first RE experience. A friend was playing RE2, and I remember being freaked out just watching. Sure, RE isn't as focused on horror as it was back then.. but if you count all the scares the series has accumulated from gamers all over the world over the years, it completely deserves a high spot on the list.

Envy273340d ago

RE was really scary to us. Its the kind of game that you could play with your girlfriend, and still have the same effect as a movie.
Nowadays, the scare factor for games is losing its touch. Not like when i was 11 playing silent hill... scary times...

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