Could Roger Avary be on board for Silent Hill 2: The Movie?

We chatted about the Silent Hill 2 film in the past, and last thing we heard, we only knew that Silent Hill director Christophe Gans would probably not be coming back for round two (which is a shame, as I think he captured the feel of the SH universe pretty well). According to Bloody Disgusting, it seems like there's some possibility that Roger Avary may take on making Silent Hill 2.

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Nambassa3464d ago

is that a rhetorical question??
if not, emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, dunno?? btw, whos he?

Envy273464d ago

The guy who did the original silent hill movie.
He said that we was'nt going to be involved in the 2nd silent hill.
This site says diffrent... hmm

farhsa20083464d ago

when you think about it silent hill movie was pretty faithful to the game series unlike many other video game movies.

Envy273464d ago

Yeah, one of my favorite films.
I hope he returns to make the second movie.
And i hope it stays with the story.