No New Characters Coming To Street Fighter IV

Capcom's Street Fighter IV will not be adding any new characters to its roster anytime in the near future, in an effort to maintain the core game's relevance.

While Capcom has already released two downloadable content (DLC) packs for Street Fighter IV, with the first being "Championship Mode", where players compete for points and ranking, along with the ability to record and vote on matches. The second DLC pack was five sets of alternate costumes for characters, and later on a value pack of all the skins.

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Kyll3487d ago

Noooo!! That sucks :( I wanted some more levels =/.

IdleLeeSiuLung3486d ago

On the bright side, all those DLC haters (complainers about the price) can now rejoice. There will be no overpriced DLC!!!

StephanieBBB3486d ago

Of a bald black guy thats similar to Ken and Ryu with a keikogi and probably uses karate and Tae Kwon Do too, when he's no where to be found.

The only black guy in the game currently is a ugly googly-eyed retarded boxer and that is racist imo. He could atleast been acting normal to take away the similarities of a ridgeback gorilla.

I don't want to blame the DVD-9's space limits for not having more characters but it sure makes me wonder what could have been.

mephman3487d ago

Shame, playing as DeeJay is like a guilty pleasure. :(

DevilVergilX3486d ago

I wanted T.Hawk and his mega throws T.T

housegroove763487d ago

That really sucks. I was hoping for some SF3 characters.

mephman3487d ago

Well, maybe they'll include them in the next Street Fighter IV. :p

Selyah3487d ago

Indeed that is quite a shame :S

rajman3487d ago

Oh man, I was lookin forward to seeing matches such as Hugo vs Zangief, Necro vs Blanka, Alex vs Abel and even Seth vs Gill lol

boodybandit3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

but new characters would be the best DLC. I like your match ups. Here are a few I want.
Evil Ryu vs Akuma
T.Hawk vs E.Honda
DeeJay vs Fei Long
Adon vs Sagat

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The story is too old to be commented.