Atlus looking to do some bug fixing in Demon's Souls

Nick @ PS3Center writes

"Apart from tidying up punctuation and any spelling errors, Atlus will also be doing some pretty extensive bug hunting. They'll be looking at player feedback, and sending a list of discovered bugs and glitches to From Software to be fixed before the release."

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shadowfox3491d ago

sounds good, i've heard a bit about bugs in the game.

WildArmed3491d ago

its like playing mercs 2 i heard.
(mercs 2 is possibly the buggiest game ever?)

callahan093491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I dunno what you guys are talking about. I've got about 20 hours into this game already and haven't encountered a single bug. That's not to say that there aren't any, but it certainly can't be considered all that buggy if I can play it this much and not encounter a single bug.

labaronx3491d ago

Is the game a 20 hours long campaign or filled with side quest?

callahan093491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

That's kind of hard to explain. There's just a whole lot to do. There really is no main quest except to kill all of the bosses. It's split into 5 worlds and you're free to explore them in any order you want. Also, I haven't beaten the game yet. If I'm not mistaken there are 20 main bosses in the game, and I've only vanquished 2 of them so far. Although I'm all set and ready to kill 2 others, I'm holding off because there's something in this game called Tendency and if you do things properly (or sufficiently improperly) you can achieve Pure White or Pure Black tendencies, and you "open up" new options and events in each world if you get one of those pure tendencies. It's an insanely deep and big game, and the only way to get, do, and see everything is to play through it multiple times. Each time you beat it opens up a New Game+, NG++, NG+++, into infinity, and due to Tendencies and assassination quests and other things that are "irreversible" or one-shot only you can't possibly get it all done without continuing through multiple NG+'s. I'm 20 hours in and I've barely scratched the surface. Let me tell you: it's one hell of an addictive game.

arvfab3491d ago

I'm 40 hours in the game (75% on the second playthrough) and haven't encountered any bugs or glitches. The only thing they could do, is to improve the world and character tendency shifting, as it can be a major pain in the a$$.


There aren't really any side quests. There are other things to do, but I wouldn't call them side quests. The main story requires about 20hrs, but only if you know how to fight the bosses or it would be much longer.

gauntletpython3491d ago

I don't know if it's a bug or not, but hopefully they fix the 3 player/4 player thing. Sometimes the game can support 3 player co-op, other times it supports 4 players. It's really random.

WildArmed3491d ago

Sounds good
I haven't played it, waiting 4 a NA version.
Can't wait!

labaronx3491d ago

the game sounds deep and engaging and i look forward to getting it this fall

TheTwelve3491d ago

Nooooooooo....the only glitches and bugs in Demon's Souls has to do with perhaps a few spelling errors.

Perhaps they can also improve some of the physics in the game (like falling) but the game is very polished considering it's massive scope.


Toenado3491d ago

I only had a problem once when I got stuck in a wall. Ended up having to use evacuation to return to the nexus. No other problems since.

SixTwoTwo3491d ago

I put about 200 hours into the game (still no platinum =I) and I have yet to encounter any major bugs. The only bug I can think of is with the dark moon grass not restoring your mp.

Dir_en_grey3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

One thing I can recall right now is something that might be arguable.
With an updated patch, whenever you quit the game in the Nexus, it'll reset all your world tendencies, where as before the update it would not. World tendencies affect the areas which you will or will not gain access to, so after all your hard work of making a world go black or white, you might accidentally reset the tendency by quitting the game in the Nexus.

To not reset your world tendency you have to now quit the game while your character is in one of the worlds, or quit/start your game off-line.
Maybe FromSoftware was just giving people a way to reset their world tendencies, but it sux having accidentally quit the game in the Nexus while you are online. And there is barely any point in resetting the tendency anyway.

Not a big deal but I've done it once and I was not able to unlock an area until the next game because I've already beaten the boss/black phantoms etc. Personally I think not resetting is perfectly fine because it's more frustrating when you accidentally erase all your efforts, plus the noobs would not know anything about this and could never get to black or white in any area because it is just normal to save the game in a spot where there will be no possible enemies.

The above won't make sense to people that didn't play the game, but either way it will not break the game, just gotta tackle things different ways I guess. It's a great game and you will want to play it more than once after you beat it. Even if Altus didn't fix anything I would still recommend this game to anyone!!

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Homicide3491d ago

I love Atlus. Thank you for bringing this game here.

Xandet3491d ago

I was wondering why Atlus was waiting to release it until Fall when the HK/Korean versions already have full English voices and in-game text.. all the more time to polish!

ThanatosDMC3490d ago

I really hope i can just invite people on my friend's list like a Monster Hunter game... oh well, let's see what happens.

gauntletpython3491d ago

So glad Atlus is bringing this over. I was very close to getting it, but if they are fixing it up, I'll hold off for the Western release.

TheDuke773491d ago

I hope they allow pausing (which I heard you cant do in this game), I'm super pumped for this game, but with kids and all, sometimes its necessary to pause games.

scheme_a3491d ago

I doubt they will allow you to pause.
Especially considering the fact that they meshed together the online aspect with single player so closely.

labaronx3491d ago

despite the reported number of bugs in the title worldwide reviews and N4G "Gamers" who own the title have been giving it nothing but praise, it is own my fall gaming list for sure.

gauntletpython3491d ago

Definitely on my 'must buy' list. I've been wanting to get medieval on some monsters lately, and since Elder Scrolls V is a bit off, Demon's Souls can hopefully hold me over.

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