Brand New Mind Blowing Screenshots for Dragonball: Raging Blast

A certain game just gained a graphical leap in visuals. Xbox Evolved has all new screenshots. Check them out.

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JasonXE3464d ago

it didn't blow my mind but still looks way better than the original shots.

StephanieBBB3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Then this will probably happen to him at E3 when he see's some GOW 3 footage:

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3464d ago

They are better than the wii and ps2 game graphics. But not by much. I'm happy to see facial expressions during battle like in uncharted. But the colors look washed out for some reason.

ThanatosDMC3464d ago

They're really hyping this up like it was an exclusive or something...

- Ghost of Sparta -3464d ago

Mindblowing? The graphics are way worse than the PS3 exclusive Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.

AridSpider3463d ago

no one is comparing it to Ultimate Ninja Storm. We all know that looks better but for what this is worth, this game looks pretty sick. Just need to work on those crappy environments.

And why mention UNS as a PS3 exclusive instead of just the game?

Blaze9293463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

agree. anxious to see more of this near achieving gold status.

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DNAgent3464d ago

PS2 graphics don't blow my mind...Though they certainly blow.

TheHater3464d ago

Wow that blogger has very low standers when it comes to graphic.

Blaze9293464d ago



Those dont look impressive to you? Freeza's eyes actually follow the enemy and the facial expression on Vegeta!

/nerd mode

Ehem...they were 'ok' -_-

TheHater3464d ago

no they weren't actually. Those graphic look ok for a cel-shaded game when compare to other cel-shaded games.

Blaze9293464d ago

what else would be compared to? As far as cel-shading goes, Naruto Ultimate Ninja still takes the cake. Then after that I'd have to say Burst Limit or this.

The environments in this still look like crap though.

TheHater3464d ago

Actually Valkyria Chronicles is the best looking Cel-Shaded game follow my Naruto Ultimate Ninja, and Prince of Persia.

Blaze9293464d ago

Valkyria Chronicles does look sick.

Kamikaze1353464d ago

Followed by Tales of Vesperia
Then Valkyria Chronicles
Then Prince of Persia.

When I played Naruto I felt like I was watching the actual anime, lol. The reason I place Valkyria Chronicles 3rd, is because that portrait style and the brush stroke effect is what made it look awesome - not the actual cel shading. But still....Valkyria Chronicles looks freaking amazing

jetlian3464d ago

burst limit has the highest clarity. storm has the second highest clarity but has the highest animation, this new one looks to be the best flat cel shaded!! and the clarity looks to surpass naruto

Jamegohanssj53464d ago

Let's take my opinion and boy have I been studying the DBZ graphics for quite some time now. Budokai and Saga's in my opinion have the best DBZ graphics on PS2. Why? Because they look more like 3D characters instead of a drawn character. When Budokai 2 came out I noticed that the graphics were horrid because it had the black outlining and never fixed it, but when Burst Limits came out I was happy because it was back to the way it once was. Burst Limits has some awesome graphics and they're better than Ninja Storms. If you look at the screen where Freeze eyes are following you can clearly tell these graphics are slightly better than Tenkaichi 3's. I am a big DBZ Fan Girl, so it doesn't matter how the game looks or plays I am still going to buy it no matter what.


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DocHoliday3464d ago

But i do love Dragonballz though (saiyan threw frieza saga only)

Ocean Dub FTW!!

raztad3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Now they are at it, why not tone down the difficulty? they could provide a easier level for story lovers that want finish the game in a reasonable time-frame :D

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