Noodle Gamer: Red Faction Guerrilla Gamers Day Diary : Part 1

Saturday May 23rd THQ held their Red Faction Guerilla Gamers Day at SCEE Headquarters in Central London. 24 lucky Gamers were given the chance to play a near completed version of the game before its U.K release on 05/05/09. Thanks to the very nice people at Sony, Noodle Gamer managed to grab a couple of places and here's how the day panned out.

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clinker3165d ago

Good lord that site is awful.

FragMnTagM3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I feel bad for approving now.

I approved because I like the game, but that was one horribly written article. I will not blindly approve next time, just because I like the game.

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