Blue PSP available end June (Press release)

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced today that the new PSP Vibrant Blue PSP-3000 will be available in June.

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TheHater3339d ago

well you can expect Sales of the PSP to sky rocket in Japan again.

sinncross3339d ago

Dude, this is for Europe...

nice colour though, very striking!

PotNoodle3339d ago

Yeah, the japanese will suddenly start buying PSP's again because europe got a new bundle.. :p

TheHater3338d ago

I feel like an idiot. I didn't notice this was for Europe. It is usually Japan that is getting all these different color PSP.

timestoby3339d ago

i like the color,but to have harry potter in it,WELL.... lol. nothing wrong with harry,but.. lol. a game would have been nice

LordMarius3339d ago

Harry Potter is popular in Europe

Milky3339d ago

PSP go! rumour destroyed?

Amazing colour, tempted to trade in my deep red GOW bundle for this.

LukaX233338d ago

I think they only made a blue one to sell the remaining PSP 3000 models ;)

GodGinrai3338d ago

But i`ll wait till after E3 .I wanna know if the psp2 is actually coming first.

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