Kotaku inFamous Review: It's Electric

Stephen Totilo -

Whether it's the best super-hero game ever made, though, depends on your desire to play as a super-hero who has never starred in movies or decades of comics. For those who don't require a famous cape or claws, this is strong stuff. Cole's adventure is bombastic and constantly exciting, ready at its end for a sequel. It is a game of satisfyingly powerful action, one of the best showcases for climbing and shooting yet set in an open world, even if it stumbles in provoking the player to feel the moral weight of the actions they perpetrate.

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antt33487d ago

And I appreciate that they don't try to assign an arbitrary number score.

Their first negative on the lists of "things they hated" is "Moral Confusion." But reading through the explanation, it sounds more like they were unhappy with the story's adaption to the different choices you make as Cole.

Their second negative is one I happen to agree with, to a point. (Cole climbing *down* walls). But if I remember from the demo, pressing "O" lets him drop easily.... Cole *can* stick to stuff you don't want him to at times.

Damn, I wish tomorrow would come already. I want to stop talking about the game and start playing it. :-)

PotNoodle3487d ago

You lot are lucky, us in the uk don't officially get the game till Friday :(

II Necroplasm II3487d ago

Yeah that sucks. But can't wait to play it tomorrow.

Envy273487d ago

Is for the gamer that just wants to have fun, while being engaged with an overall good storyline.
If your not quite sure abou the game, take a few bucks and rent it first. I for one will be buying it day one based off the demo.

DA_SHREDDER3487d ago

you dont need to rent it,, the demo is good enough to figure out if you want it or not. Noobs.

Karum3487d ago

You're not supposed to climb down buildings Kotaku, you're supposed to unleash the Thunder Drop!

It was a decent review/read and like every other review I have read so far, the pros massively outweigh any cons.

DRUDOG3486d ago

That was the first thing I thought reading that! Go down? What? Just drop.

Forrest Gump3487d ago

I knew something was up,review was done by Stephen Totilo aka the only unbiased Kotaku staff member.

caladbolg7773487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

He's new. Give him a break. ;)

Cheeseknight283486d ago

Yeah, because he's definitely their only unbiased editor. That explains why 2 other editors said that Killzone 2 was "a must-have", Valkyria Chronicles was "highly recommended", and LittleBigPlanet a "must-buy."


Insanium3486d ago

What's your problem? All three of those are great games, and I'm ecstatic to have them in my collection. Either you've never played them or you just don't like games.

Cheeseknight283486d ago

Did you just... not understand my post at all?

"Forrest Gump" was hopping on the Kotaku hate-bandwagon like the rest of the fanboys on this site, and I was easily disproving him. It's just amazing how much BS these people spread here, yet no one even tries to point out the obvious.

I really have no idea what you read, but it certainly wasn't my post.

SL1M DADDY3486d ago

To work through with Sony fans considering the last two years of hate they have spread on the net so you can't be too upset at Forest for telling it like it is.

Kotaku made the bed they lie in at the moment and it will be a while before many PS fans show a little respect for a site that disrespected them for the past two years. They didn't just stumble upon the nick name Craptaku for nothing.

Cheeseknight283485d ago

If you can give me more proof than your word, then I'd be more inclined to believe you.

As it stands, you're simply making empty statements.

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n to the b3487d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

"...depends on your desire to play as a super-hero who has never starred in movies or decades of comics."

I'd say not being based on another franchise is a plus. it's more likely the game is trying to achieve sales on its own merits, rather than relying on the mainstream popularity of a recent film release.