GameFocus Review: Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

GameFocus writes: "In the snow that falls after the battle, the Valkyrie takes her chosen fallen to Valhalla. In their place, a single plume from her wing, a reminder to their families that their loved one fought and died bravely. Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume is quite different than you would expect from its Norse mythology beginnings. Even though the spirit of the series is retained, is it worth your time and money?"


+ Mature re-imaging of the Valkyrie Profile franchise
+ Multiple endings based on which allies survive
+ Fantastic opening cinematic
+ Wonderful story
+ Voice-overs are nicely done
+ Background music is well done, even if it is repetitive
+ Smaller 3D graphics are identifiable and well done
+ Lots of side quests to find
+ Sin Requirements weren't impossible to reach
+ Favoured strategy than ease, overkill than the plume
+ Plot branches out based on your decisions
+ Battles were immersive


- No Stylus Support
- Sometimes felt like a PSP Port
- Small battlefields take away player's choice
- Translation of flowery scripts was difficult sometimes
- Locations zigzags around the map, lacks cohesion
- Sound effects sound too digital and 8-bit
- AI is easily manipulated
- Lacking save points during story driven battle sequences
- Some models are over-used

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