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Dorjan3008d ago

Nice! They do this every year do they not? Glad this year is no exception!

Leord3008d ago

Not sure. Can;t recall if they gave away this many tickets through fansites last year or not...

Cogo3008d ago

2008 they did at least.

Maticus3008d ago

Nice for the fans who weren't some of the very lucky few who managed to buy some tickets.

Leord3008d ago

"Very lucky few" is still about 15.000 people :)

Cogo3008d ago

Heh. Everything is relative. I wonder how many tickets they would need to make the ticket sales take longer than a day.

kerriganss3008d ago

moar tickets, moar testing, more epicness.

Leord3008d ago

That's cool. For all the poor sods that didn't manage to get a key in the first 15 secs, lol :P

JonahNL3008d ago

That's Blizzard alright. All they want is for more people to come and have fun! =)

Leord3008d ago

I think you'll find they want to make money as well :)

However, if they can do that AND make people come have fun, who can blame them for wanting cash? :)

Cogo3008d ago

Exactly, I think that's the essence of any successful company. Well, besides those in a monopol/oligopol situation...

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