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Gamer Limit Review: Demon's Souls

Gamer Limit writes "Demon's Souls is perhaps the most satisfying game of its generation, but its uncompromising nature will only appeal to players of a particularly masochistic bent." (Demon Souls, Demon's Souls, PS3) 9.1/10

syvergy  +   2376d ago
There's nothing like a ridiculously difficult game to wake you up in the morning :D
Chris399  +   2376d ago
Brutally difficult.
You will die, a lot. But that's half the fun (and the joy when you manage to survive).

I hope that this game garners relative commercial success in the West. It's a totally under the radar gem that really deserves it, much more than the tripe we're fed on a monthly basis by larger publishers.

I'm on my 3rd play through. And just to give you some idea, I NEVER play a game again once I've finished it. I think Heavenly Sword was the only other game this gen that I've played multiple times (only because it was so cinematic and gorgeous). There's just this addictive quality to Demon's Souls that makes it utterly compelling to play.

To think that this is from the same company that gave us Enchanted Arms (and the original King's Field series, so I guess they have a decent pedigree).
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Jamegohanssj5  +   2376d ago
When do we get this in America? I've heard so much aboot it that I really want to play it now.

Myst  +   2376d ago
Fall '09 is what to expect no other date has been given that I know of though.


So hopefully E3 will give us a date.
GVON  +   2376d ago
Mine shipped from yes asia's german warehouse this morning,hopefully it will arrive in the UK by tonight,and I should get to me by wednesday.
zoneofenders  +   2376d ago
one of the best game i have played this gen
well the uselss SCEJ(this gen,so far) redeem themself with this game.
Chris399  +   2376d ago
@zoneofenders. I'm going to politely disagree with your SCEJ "usless" comment.
Not trying to start anything, but Folklore and even Genji (for it's time) were brilliant and decent games respectively. Folklore in particular was massively under appreciated. Pretty sure that SCEJ were responsible for the original Legend of Dragoon too. There have been some fun little casual titles - Piyotama, Last Man (or whatever it's called, can't recall) - that they've had a hand in as well.

Oh, and they're intimately involved with Media Vision in their crafting of all things Wild Arms, which basically make them akin to Gods in my book :)
TheTwelve  +   2376d ago
I can't express enough how rewarding this game is. This is the only game this gen that will truly measure your gaming skills. Hardcore officially belongs to the PS3 because of this one game.

And it lasts forever.

Oh, and it has an amazingly unique online mode (hehehehe).


pippoppow  +   2376d ago
Yes this game is great. 30hrs in and maybe halfway through. The variety in locations and enemies is nice. Never knowing what lurks around a bend or what is waiting for you in the distant dark. There are nice surprises and big Boss'. Any D&D/fantasy lovers out there should get this game. This game is hard. You will level up but if you are not carefully a low level baddy will still be able to beat u especially if ganged up. Online component is fun also. Go killed the other day by a high level player who broke into my game as a Black Phantom. Also had some help fighting a boss enemy with a player who joined my game by summoning who showed up as a Blue Phantom. This is how an online component for a single player game works well.
TheHater  +   2376d ago
you had to bring up the horror that was Enchanted Arms did you?
INehalemEXI  +   2376d ago
One of my most treasured gems DS is. It brings satisfaction and you will want to keep it , this is like anti rental. If you rent you should be hog tied and feathered. pwn this.
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SaiyanFury  +   2376d ago
Fantastic and well written review. I said pretty much the same things when I reviewed the game a few months back. Truly one of the most satisfying games this gen for me as a die hard King's Field fan.
ThanatosDMC  +   2376d ago
I got a questing for those that have the game. Do y'all play it solo or with people's help?
INehalemEXI  +   2365d ago
I play alone most of the time but its alot of fun and easier when playing with others. There is also person vs person which is awesome.
Why o why  +   2376d ago
tooo, many.........games
wallet......cant......take..it *keels over*.
i did hear this game was hard, suppose it makes a change. Feels better when you finally flip it. I still hold anguish towards ninja gaiden Sigma for handing my sh!t to me to the point where i put it down for a couple months
arvfab  +   2376d ago
Oh it's hard, very hard some times. BUT if you know some little tricks, you can beat the hardest bosses without even swinging your sword once :D Unfortunatly, you can only do it after your first playtrough, so the first time will still be very hard..just ask the Maneater boss :D
Da One  +   2376d ago
^ f****** Man eater.................
i hated that boss with a passion
AcesAndEights  +   2376d ago
That game looks pretty damn awesome, but, if it's hard I will probably suck at it, gotta be worth a try though.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2376d ago
Another great score. Looks like an awesome game then. It's especially surprising considering the developer's track record.
Fullish  +   2376d ago
Agreed, looks way better then enchanted arms.
beavis4play  +   2376d ago
it's not surprising if you're a kings field fan.
i've never played any of their other games but, i've played the kings field games and loved them. they do this style of game right.
Cyrax_87  +   2376d ago
Wow, this game is getting amazing reviews.
Looks like we have another Valkyria Chronicles here :D

Can't wait till it comes to Australia.
ShinGundam  +   2376d ago
Nice :)
Myst  +   2376d ago
Can't wait till Fall '09. Hopefully at E3 we will get a release date for the United States since they said they would be localizing it. Going to have to put a pre-order down on this one just to make sure I'll be able to get it on the first day.
Gantrfaxx  +   2376d ago
I'm getting the asian version. It's translated to english.
HammockGames  +   2376d ago
Definitely the way to go...
...got my copy (asian/english) through playasia.com. Little bit of a wait, but it was worth it. And aside from the box & manual, you'd never know it's Chinese (plays in english with a pack-in rundown of the controls with english instructions). Great to hear they're also bringing this to the states. If you like a challenge, you'll dig this game.
scheme_a  +   2376d ago
just beware that the small instruction manual in asian ver. doesn't explain whole a lot. You might need either read the pre-placed messages in nexus (go down the stairs) or look into wiki for detailed explanation.
Serious Swagger  +   2376d ago
From what i have seen reviews for the game have been good. Now my only wish is it gets released in Europe.
Kain81  +   2376d ago
Is there any EU release Date for Demon´s Soul
I want that Game, but its too expensiv for me to Import.
cliffbo  +   2376d ago
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Serious Swagger  +   2376d ago
Alot of people have been saying this game is hard.
Can someone explain why? Is it one hit kill or something similiar?
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cliffbo  +   2376d ago
read the review...
Da One  +   2376d ago
no one hit kills unless
You screw up your character build and don't repair your equipment

this game is far beyond brutal, and i love it, although the game seems unfair with some of the enemies you gotta fight (Man eaters, Tower Knight,Flame Lurker)
poeo  +   2376d ago
i'm so getting this... tired of games that offer me no challenge (looking at you Bioshock, Dead Space etc... no real challenge even on hardest difficulties)
TheHater  +   2376d ago
Dead Space on Hardest difficulty was a joke, but still is my favorite Horror game this generation.
chrisjc  +   2376d ago
I want this so bad...
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2376d ago
Another AAA PS3 exclusive right here. It's too much.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2376d ago
Just another AAA game to add to the ongoing onslaught list otherwise known as PS3 exclusives.
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DFogz  +   2376d ago
I was going to import this, but with all the other games I'll be preoccupied with I don't mind waiting until the fall for it.
I've been looking for a good challenging game this gen and Demon's Souls looks like a winner!

I absolutely love the idea of your soul trying to reach your corpse after you die, and the multiplayer sounds amazing. I'll definitely get this day 1 it comes out over here.
mastiffchild  +   2376d ago
I got burned by some guy from HK on Ebay(git)so I'm going to prolly wait for it now but it looks amazing.

I douby all the people reviewing it when the US version lands will get the attraction of it though and I predict woldly differing scores for it. OPM UK won't like it bacause it's "too hard" and Edge won't like it because the dev never found the cure for cancer while making it , GR won't understand it and EGUK will give it a crap score without even opening the box! It is a bit niche, mind, so some people really just aren't going to see the point.

Still, I've been dying to play it for ages now so a but longer won't hurt unlike the shyster from Hong Kong did!
bokharij  +   2376d ago
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2376d ago
StateofMind  +   2376d ago
I imported this game a while back and loved it. I beat it several times and can't say that I won't go back still. It's a very rewarding and immersive experience. They just don't make games like this anymore.

I see it getting mixed reviews in NA though. Some will love it, others will hate it. There are flaws, but this game does literally have a soul. Highly recommend this to anyone who's up for a challenging game. Also, videos don't do this game justice at all. You just have to play it to experience what makes it a great game.
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godkiller  +   2376d ago
One best rpgs out
Up there with ff7,fallout ect one best rpgs EVER!!!
finished it 2 weeks after it come out,platinum trophy.psn clearwaterruning

BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!1
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2376d ago

JQ  +   2376d ago
Never imported a game before... perhaps this would be worth it.
Envy27  +   2376d ago
cmrbe  +   2376d ago
If its as good as you guys are saying then i will buy it.
I was recomended VC by users here on N4G and i was super happy i bought it. VC is my number 2 game this gen equal with Uncharted.
Argento-Nox  +   2376d ago
Sometime the frustrating challenge in a game is what keeps gamers playing. If Demon Soul comes to N.A, count me in as one of those whipping boys willing to play it for the punishment.
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Homicide  +   2376d ago
I can't wait for the Western release. I have full faith on Atlus.

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