Mythic Explains WAR's Stats

IncGamers reports that Mythic has revealed how many of the stats in the game work against each other.

Developer AdamG starts off my stating that the figures used in the explanation are "100% Pigwank", warning players that they are just round numbers that make a better example. The main point of the explanation is to demonstrate how the offensive stats – Strength, Intellect and Ballistics - work against Toughness, the main defensive stat.

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Maticus3340d ago

Finally! People have needed more info on this for a long time.

Leord3340d ago

This is the bible of any theorycrafter ;)

Cogo3340d ago

I hear crying WAR fans everywhere ;)

Dorjan3340d ago

I don't like it when i don't know what a stat does! Nice!

Leord3340d ago

I'm surprised it took this long to give a proper explanation on exactly what does what :)

Terrice3340d ago

Indeed, for something that should be pretty simple to understand too.

Cogo3340d ago

Well, what seems natural for the programmer might take a while to put into intelligible words for regular gamers.

Don't think all WoW stats were explained until a good while after release.

picker3323340d ago

Is anyone actually still playing this game?

Guild wars hell even lotro has better reviews online.

At 1st it was so hyped but now it's like almost a forgotten game.

I only find a couple of gameplay videos on youtube & most of em are the beta.

Don't be angry at ME...Just saying it's pretty much done already!