10 games that will get you laid

Flytrap writes: "Ask a man how he goes about wooing the fairer sex and certain topics recur - fine wine and chocolates, trails of rose petals on the staircase, exquisitely tailored silk shirts and so forth.

Videogames rarely get a mention, and not just because a third of men prefer gaming to sex. Seems most chaps think airing their extensive knowledge of first person shooting isn't the fastest route to fun between the sheets.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as this 10 point gallery feature demonstrates. Nick a few games from our romantic round-up and you'll soon be slipping your disc into her disc drive."

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Sayai jin3197d ago

Wow, games that get you l#@d. Ummm I do not know how many women or men that say hmmm I definately want to have sex with him because he is playing x game. This is a funny article.

Now maybe if some one is playing said game in front of a 70" HDTV, premium surround system, leather seats, etc then maybe....I kid I kid...

And to qoute "
Videogames rarely get a mention, and not just because a third of men prefer gaming to [email protected] " Man oh man. I always say that I do not judge people, but have those third of men ever.....nevermind. That number is mind boggling.

phosphor1123197d ago

That punches the author of the article in the face. So stupid. Yeah, you should show how deep you actually are, but to try to convey those through video games? How about buying her some chocolates, eat them yourself, go up to her with chocolate on your face and say you decided to get her a puppy instead. I think she'd think that is adorable, right? It sure is better than playing shoddy flash games in front of her.

Raz3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

0_0 >_< ;P

BadboyCivic3197d ago

I guess you never met a girl online before playing COD4...well i have...she was impressed by my P90 and how i use my frag grenades...

KaBaW3196d ago

That was me.. not a girl.

table3197d ago

The third of men that prefer gaming to sex are just a bunch of virgins. And wow, they've actually managed to convince themselves that this is how they will get some.

cmacdonald3197d ago

And those virgins are the ones that approved this dribble.

TheBand1t3197d ago

What about having sex while playing a game, though?

Timesplitter143197d ago

I feel kinda disoriented.

WTF is this?

mrv3213197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

There's only one game

1. Go outside.

But seriously, to the virgins to make much of time; gather ye rose puds while ye may.

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The story is too old to be commented.