Bowling: Modern Warfare 360 online has 13 million unique users

VG247: In an interview with the Major, Infinity Ward's Rob "FourZeroTwo" Bowling has said that there are currently 13 million unique Xbox Live users that have sampled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer modes.

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WeaseL3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )


crillyconlig3012d ago

dosnt mean theres 13million playing at once, would say halo has more unique users than cod, but considering sales numbers, that 13million is the result of people with multiple gamer tags

MriownBOTH3012d ago

only thing that can come close is halo and WoW LOL

everything else is in the dirt.


Gamertags3012d ago

You get it on the 360. Graphics are sharper and playing online is easier. MS for the win on this one. No one can argue with that.

IdleLeeSiuLung3012d ago

CoD4 is huge on the Xbox next to Halo 3.

PeZuS3012d ago

No, if you want the most polished version, you get the PC version ;)

ShabzS3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

you said get the pc (games for WINDOWS) version eh ?...

3 guesses who owns that platform and why Gamertag's thanking microsoft rant is justified....

Raf1k13012d ago

PC version is def the best version of the game.
PeZuS certainly has a point though I wouldn't say its the most 'polished' since that to me would mean that more time was spent on the PC version to "polish" it making it better than the other two.

Anon19743012d ago

The comparisons I came across said they were almost graphically identical but the PS3 edged out the 360 in controls and stability of the online play.

Gamespot said "The PlayStation 3 does a better job of dealing with antialiasing and shadows, whereas the Xbox 360 provides a slightly more detailed environment with better textures and normal mapping."

Quite frankly, you can't go wrong with either version so I'd pick the one with free online and stable hardware - but that's just me. For me, stable hardware trumps any minor graphical differences anyway.

Have you not been posting here long? A post like yours is nothing but flamebait. You've got to know that.

ActionBastard3012d ago

It's rare you encounter someone filled with as much sh!t as Gamertags. Yeah, it's REAL difficult selecting Multiplayer from COD4 PS3's menu. Hahaha. The things people say WITHOUT a PS3...

JokesOnYou3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Yeah cause currently 360's are just as unreliable as the launch day consoles, I mean of course they are, thats why there are ton of stories everywhere about reports of massive RROD problems occuring still to this day. Yes and of course nobody would know better than you darkride because you're on your 10th 360 and after the 9th RROD your warranty has expired so those damm evil micro goons charged you $500 its been gone for 12 weeks and you still haven't got your original refund from your first RROD. Oh the horror.

“I mean, Call of Duty 4 on Xbox Live just exploded. Right now we’re at 13 million unique users on 360 and that’s insane"

-yeah whats even more insane is how much time 360 owners have spent playing COD4 and Halo3 when everybodys 360 is broken, lmfao=


ActionBastard3012d ago

Yeah, they are JokesOnYou. My 360 broke after 2 months of use and was manufactured 10-2008. Sh!t hardware is sh!t hardware. Jasper, Falcon, Sleepy, Sneezey and all the other revisions have done squat.


Anon19743012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Your right. I've had problems with my 360 and I've never shied away from speaking about it. If Microsoft's finally fixed the problem, that's great...for those who have newer 360's. I don't fall into that category, nor do any of the gamers I know (every single one of which I know has had at least 1 360 rrod on them).

Your sarcasm doesn't do anything to invalidate my point, though. I, just like many other gamers out there, have changed our gaming habits because we've been burned by the 360. I was a happy little 360 fan until I was without my console multiple times. You can sit and argue all you want that the 360 is more reliable now, but to those of us that bought a 360 in the first couple of years - that really doesn't help us at all. End of storey. Console reliability was never a factor in my purchasing decisions before. It is now. You'd be an idiot if you had been burned by this before and it didn't affect your choices in the future.

fuckoffodion3012d ago

He's a complete coporate shill. If you ask him nice enough, he'll give you his Microsoft ID number. :)

Sayai jin3012d ago

@Action Bastard & darkride66- I see what you are saying. A broken console would make someone sour. I own a lot of electronics. I am what they call a techie. I have some items not work right out of the box, but I speak on consoles. I used to have problems with the original Nintendo. Does anyone remember when you use to have to wiggle the cartridge around for the game to work? I never experienced any issues with any other problems until my PS2. I went through 4 PS2 (3 laser eye issues, 1 - did not display a picture right out of the box. I was a but soured, but I knew that companies have faulty components, designs, etc. I later got a Gamecube, but it did not have enough games to my liking so I got a Xbox. No issues with either the Gamecube or Xbox, I wish it would have been that purple little Gamecube to have all the problems, because I never used it. Oh, on my 5th PS2 it worked like a charm and still supplies me with fun. I have two original launch 360's no issues to date, well they do sound very loud (like a jet engine...LOL). Now they are not so loud because I choose the optional game installs. I do get the occasional freeze ups. I brought a PS3 without blinking an eye even though I had a bad experience at first with the PS2. I had my little glossy black beauty right next to my Wii and 360. Unfortunately the power supply on my PS3 blew after 2 weeks. Got a new and never had problems again. I now own 2 PS3's. I do know that a lot of my friends have had RROD on the 360, so I know it does happen.

So what I am saying is that people say that X console has a failure rate of 35% and console X has a failure rate of 1 to 3%, but honestly it matters to those people who fall in that percentage.

On topic, pretty impressive numbers. I recently started playing COD so I am one of the 13 million.

@crillyconlig- Not sure what they mean by unique users. I think it is unique gamertags, meaning you are paying for the Gold membership. I do not believe may people have multiple Gold member gamertags.

IdleLeeSiuLung3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

I think it is more of a streamlined experience. Sure PC does everything an Apple laptop can, but the experience of an Mac OSX is considered overall better. I prefer PC, but there is no denying the Mac is a nice combo of hardware and software.

Same thing with Xbox Live!, it just "considered" a more streamlined and better experience than PSN no matter if it is or not. You got to admit that standard Live! feature in every game is nice, but not required while Sony is still working on that alas the recent Trophy requirement in every game.

ActionBastard3012d ago

@ Sayai jin
I too consider myself a techie. I work in the tech industry, I'm always intrigued by new gadgets and functionality and I love gaming. However, my threshold for shotty hardware is not the same. I remember having to wiggle my NES cartridges, having to turn my PSOne upside down, having my Dreamcast's laser die...but I never had an issue with my PS2 or Xbox or Gamecube. My point is I just won't tolerate a product continually breaking and I continually buying/repairing it said product. This shouldn't be "Well the PS2 broke so it's ok that the 360 breaks MORE" or "things break". Your PS3's power supply dying as soon as it is unacceptable, but was remedied. Now if that power supply kept dying, I'm sure there would be a point where you say "piss off" to Sony, the PS3 or both.

evrfighter3012d ago

"you said get the pc (games for WINDOWS) version eh ?... "

are you an idiot? why comment on something you know nothing about?

Cod4 can run standalone online or offline. Or you can buy it on steam if you want to join friends who also bought it on steam. As far as I can recall cod4 has never been a GFW title.

Sayai jin3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

@Action Bastard- So you remember the old NES trick. I did not have to do that with my PS1 or Dreamcast. LOL, upside down. I see what yo are saying. If the my PS3's power supply kept blowing it would sour me, but if it was replaced every time with no expense to me then it would mae it better, but still irritating, especially with all the great games that have been released as of late. I got a little sour with the PS2, but I got replacements within 3 days, but damn I hate missing out on my gaming time. People who have had the 360 die repeatedly is unacceptable an I know there has people who have completely jump ship on the 360. This will be sour note for the 360. I am lucky with not having any serious issues with my 360's and unlucky with my PS3's power supply. If your console breaks it should be remedied quickly and without expense to the gamer.

Edit: Now if we are talking about TV's, I almost turned the cheek on Sony. I went through 3 Trinatrons (32"). They only replaced one. But...I recently brought a 40" Sony HDTV that works well and has a stellar picture. They have renewed my confidence with TV's, but not with home audio. I stick with my Yamaha, Klipsch, and Denon receivers. I told you I was a techie. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. LOL

IdleLeeSiuLung3012d ago

I agree with the Sony tv's. I was highly hesitant about them since somebody very close to the family bought one of the Sony tube Trinitron Tv's from Costco. The darn thing broke and so did a couple others from coworkers of the exact same model also bought at Costco.

Due to a great sale, i got a Sony LCD 40" for $1200 after tax two years ago in July. Tv has been flawless since and I have been happy except for the odd non support of resolutions higher than 1400x1050 on the VGA port. Even the cheaper Sharp at the time supported this.

I guess we are more tolerant when a console breaks as opposed to a $1000+ TV, but my el cheapo Vizio has been pretty good too.

Sayai jin3012d ago

@IdleLeeSiuLung - Yes, I had 3 of those tube tv's back in the day that went belly up. Hats off to those wonderful tax returns. We probably have the same tv.

cmrbe3012d ago

In the end the x360 is the most unreliable gaming console in history. 33% failure rate. The PS2 was nowhere near this rate or any other console before and after it sofar.

You may have experienced a PS2 DRE but a heck alot more people experienced a PROD with the x360. This is a fact you can't deny.

vhero3012d ago

Title is misleading makes out as if there is still 13 million people playing and to say there unique?? probably counting gamertags of people who signed into the game and since every 360 user (including myself) has at last 2 tags (I have 3 1 for europe,1 for us and 1 for jap) then you gotta half that amount.

Sayai jin3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

@cmrbe- I did not or do not deny anything. I am not trying to say the 360, or PS2, etc had a worse failure rate. What I am saying is that whether it is 35% or 1 % if you fall into the percentage then this is what counts. I did experience issues with my PS2 while my brother had none. I have had luck with with my 360's and bad luck with my original PS3, but for someone who has had the RROD then the 360 failure rate matters to that person more. Some people I know are on there 4th and 5th 360. They say the failure rate of the PS3 is about 1 to 3%, but I fall into that category, so it matters to me. We to be honest, I was not worried much, but my point remains the same. I did mentioned that the 360 would forever have the tag of RROD. No disagrees from me though.

Game on....

IaMs123011d ago

Wow that is pretty good numbers and yes that people do have multiple accounts ONLY because you get a month free for signing up. Some people of course pay for more then one but most just do that 1 month free and move on. Im thinking about doing the same thing soon. Either way COD4 was one of the best games this gen and keep at it.

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morriss3012d ago

Erm ACti Blizz reckon that CoD: MW1 sold 13 mill worldwide on all platforms so 13 mill Xbox Live users sounds a little generous.

bageara3012d ago

No way has Cod4 sold 13 mill copies on 360

Bnet3433012d ago

You forgot to count multiple accounts and used game sales. There's your 13 million add tot he fact that not everyone is playing at the same time online. COD4 is as big as Halo 3 on Xbox Live.

BX813012d ago

Maybe people have multiple accounts or maybe people rent the game or borrow it? No that couldn't be it.

leila013012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

It's coming from the developer himself. When are you guys finally gonna stfu and listen?!
Just download the latest Major Nelson Podcast and you'll get all the information you need (about Tekken 6 and Modern Warfare 1&2)

sack_boi3012d ago Show
ActionBastard3012d ago

Boi is fitting since your sack hasn't dropped.

Sayai jin3012d ago

Not exactly...It may not have sold 13 million copies, but they most likely take into account rentals and used games. If you have a gold membership for Xbox live and rent COD and play it on line then there you go. I know that people swap games where I work frequently. My copy of COD 5 has been used by at least 7 people this year. I will not let them have my copy of Gears 2 to or KZ2...hehehehe