ONM: Top 10 Online Wii Games

It is essential that you get your Wii hooked up to the internet. From downloading games to messaging friends and even checking the latest news and weather, there's plenty of stuff to do once your Wii is online. Yet the one thing you don't want to miss out on is online gaming. You can play some of the best Wii games online and it's great fun giving your friends a beating in games such as Mario Kart Wii or FIFA 09. Want to know which Wii games you should buy to play online? Read on.

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JonahNL3487d ago

What the **** is Brawl doing on number two? O.O It has the worst online multiplayer I've seen in years. I haven't had one single match without even the slightest bit of lag. And I've got an excellent internet connection. Brawl is a great game, but Nintendo ****** up the multiplayer, which is ridiculous when you consider that Mario Kart Wii runs buttery smooth at all times...

SpoonyRedMage3487d ago

This list fails by not having Echoes of Time. Possibly the best online for any game on a Nintendo system.

mastiffchild3487d ago

If they imagine that Brawl even works slightly as an online game why on earth would you think they'd get anything else right? I'm shocked they put MKWii high up after seeing SSBB at No 2.

Honestly Spoons they cn't be serious, can they?

Myst3487d ago

Mario Kart Wii I'd say was pretty well done for online, but brawl like a few other fighters that came out after it had been done suffered due to P2P ( I think that's what it goes by? ) One person lags in the game the whole match begins to go down hill, but if you ever had a good connection and others had a good connection then it was pretty solid.

Every other game I have not tried, but Echos of time as Spoony said should have been included, even though I only had the DS version; I played with a few people on the Wii version before I sold it and must say it was a nice experience (majority of the time).

TheColbertinator3487d ago

Monster Hunter 3 and The Conduit will tremendously assist the Wii this year in getting a larger online community

Jinxstar3487d ago

I didn't think they had 10 online games total...

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