Red Steel 2's "power recognition", for kids and adults.

With the Wii having such a diverse demographic, developers are trying to reach not only core players but casuals as well in a single game. It now seems Red Steel 2 will also try to please both of these parties.

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Product3166d ago

I really hope this feature adds something to the game much like Tiger Woods' power detection.

TheColbertinator3166d ago

"developers are trying to reach not only core players but casuals as well in a single game."

That is the key to success in praise from gamers and gaming media.Depth and strong presentation with fun gameplay.Nintendo mastered this concept during the N64 era with Mario Kart,Mario Party,and Super Smash bros

ultra643166d ago

"Nintendo mastered this concept during the N64 era"

This statement couldn't be more correct.

ctfkev3166d ago

who still plays that?

ChickeyCantor3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Come see Come see!!
A interesting sighting of an attention whore
Come see, you must see!!
Only 1 dollar!

Interesting, ubi, but please don't make it bigger as it actually is.
(bigger as in the way they promote it)

BengaliGangsta3165d ago


ermm your mum played it with me last night

Shnazzyone3165d ago

as long as they don't skimp on blood to make it more accessible then I will be quite happy. Again, I am not buying a sword game without blood. nothing excessive but there has to be some gore to make adding a sword into the equation feel not lame.

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