Final Fantasy coming to Japanese VC on May 26

Final Fantasy will be released on the Japanese Virtual Console on May 26.

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KruLLit3489d ago

God I hate Final Fantasy 1 :), so much grinding

Alex_Mexico3489d ago

To be honest, I couldn't care less about the original release of Final Fantasy I. It's so unplayable by today's standards.

stewie328873489d ago

Wusses. I only wish modern RPGs would try and be as challenging as the original FF. It's antiquated, but I've hung on to my NES copy simply because it's a good retro game. Calling it unplayable is a bit extreme.

PS360WII3489d ago

heck yeah! Level grinding, few save spots, starting all the way back if you die midway thru a dungeon, and many other hardships make a game more memorable if you ask me :) Nothing like a little challenge in a game right!

SpoonyRedMage3489d ago

I really prefer around FFIV DS's level of difficulty. Easy enough to do without significant grinding but difficult enough to provide a real challenge at times. That's how I like it, difficult but not so difficult that it stresses you out.

tda-danny3488d ago

They have a Black mage as the party leader...