The VGC Top 100 Best Games of All Time, #30-21

VGC writes: "The end is nigh for the top 100 best games of all time and here are numbers 30 through 21!"

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Rikitatsu3346d ago

Zelda Ocarina of time is good, But to gain the title of the best game ever you need to be perfect (or almost) in every way.

For an Adventure with RPG elements, Zelda had HORRIBLE Story and dialog. Seriously.
The gameplay was tedious in dungeons *Pick Key X to Open Room X where you would find another key to open another room*
The Sounds were absulotely horribe for its time, even on the N64.

Yes it was a good game, AAA title... But not the best game ever.

JOLLY13346d ago

Who would you pick Rik?

KaBaW3346d ago

That's a tough choice, especially seeing the choices they've already made.
Personally, my number one, is Mass Effect or Shadow of the Colossus.
Both great games and two of my favorites.

GameGambits3346d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 at this point in time can easily be haled as the top of mount everest in gaming. It is hard to beat it in so much quality and much enjoyment from anyone who plays it. The online, while not perfect like any games online, is so much fun when you wrap your head around it. It's almost a shame MGO itself isn't available to everyone to play on whatever console, because it's true to the series for an online component.

If we want to go picking old school games that rock socks and many agree well MGS3 easily comes to mind as does any of the Zelda games.