Rock Band Unplugged Review (ZTGD)

ZeroTolerance writes: Anyone who is familiar with rhythm-based games knows the name Harmonix. They pioneered the plastic instrument phenomenon with Guitar Hero, and single-handedly brought the idea of playing in a full ensemble to the living room with Rock Band. However, before all of this they created a pair of music-based titles that still live in infamy among the hardcore circuit. Frequency and Amplitude are two of the lesser-known classics of the PS2 era. These games paved the way for the dominating force known as Rock Band. Harmonix has decided to take the ideas from the past and mesh them with their successful future to create the most logical answer to a portable Rock Band. This new interpretation definitely has more of the aforementioned titles in it than the latter, but it is still a very cool experience that feels right at home on a handheld.

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Myst3463d ago

These review scores are making me at least take a look at the game at least after I have gotten MHFU and Dissidia (new PSP). Overall I keep hearing how good it is, but doesn't have any hints of multiplayer which is a let down. Yet seems good for a time killer if needed.