Nyko Clarifies Guitar Hero Play Adapter cancellation

In an attempt to clarify details surrounding previous reports regarding the cancellation of Nyko's Guitar Hero Play Adapter, Nyko sent an email to the crazy and entertaining folks over at Kotaku. Nyko explains:

"Current technology makes it impossible to properly pass the special functions of the guitar controller to the PS3 with its existing protocol. Features like the whammy and strum bars do not function properly. Being adamant players of Guitar Hero we know how important precise controls are to fans of the series. We will not produce a product if it falls short of those expectations.

We are disappointed that we need to shelve this product as it has been one of the most requested items since its announcement at CES 2007 with numerous inquiries from consumers on a daily basis. If new technology or a firmware update is released that enables us to provide full support for Guitar Hero 1 and 2 on the PS3 via the Play Adaptor, we will reactivate the development of this product.

Again, we would like to express our regret for needing to put this product on hold as we know many people were looking forward to its release.

Hopefully, an appropriate firmware update will be released that will address this problem. Realistically speaking though, it's highly unlikely that will see one soon, and that Sony will take the time to make a firmware update for a third party controller."

So much for all that "limitations in the PlayStation 3 hardware" stuff that's been spread around, from the way their explanation sounds, it really looks like more of a firmware problem.

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Torch4279d ago

I hope it's as simple as fixing a firmware problem. I never had the chance to get into this game with the PS2.

Tried it at Best Buy though, and MAN is it entertainingly addictive!

With all the pressure (read: money-making opportunity) to get this game working on the PS3, I can't see the developer NOT responding with some sort of solution soon.

StrboyM4279d ago

petition anyone?

seems to be the new way to speak to game companies lately.

Karebear4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

You can encode and send any information you want over the bluetooth protocol. My Senior design project in college was an infrared connected gamepad that my team and I built back in the late 90's. We could encode nearly anything and send it across the IR beam to the PC in a serial encoded fashion. If we could do it with old stuff over a crappy IR beam, you can do it with bluetooth. I think they are more than likely just coming out with a wireless guitar that will work and they don't want to tell anyone yet. I mean doesn't the XBOX 360 already have a wireless guitar or did I misread that? Its a no brainer.

God of Gaming4279d ago

Nope..actually the 360 does NOT have a wireless guitar because MS is being a prick about who can use their own wireless technology. I dont understand why they would not let redoctane use it in the case of GH the 360 version will be wired.

Torch4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

that the 360's was supposed to be wireless...can't remember where I read it though.

God of Gaming: I've been meaning to tell you, that your avatar/handle absolutely cracks me up every time I see it.

Uhhh...would wishing you a Happy Palm Sunday, be in order, I guess???