Rockstar North gearing up for a new game

Rockstar North, the UK-based development studio behind the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto franchise, are gearing up for a new game, if recent job postings are any indication. The developer is looking to fill positions in 8 different development areas, from character animators to website designers and everything in between.

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Green Lantern23488d ago

A manhunt game on 360 awesome.

shadowfox3488d ago

just thought of this - how cool would it be to make a new M rated manhunt, but then have a DLC patch you can download to make it AO? that would be a huge cash cow, and then they don't have to worry about not selling it at retail.

-MD-3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Agreed Manhunt on 360 please.

Edit: Ouch lantern you hit a nerve with the whole "on 360" thing.

3488d ago
-MD-3488d ago

PS3 can have it all I said was I wanted to play it on 360 ;)

3488d ago
Silly gameAr3488d ago

A Manhunt game period would be awesome.

Panipal20053487d ago

That would be cool, only snag is Sony/Microsoft have to licence the DLC patch (i.e. check it for content), which is about as likely as them licencing an AO game to begin with.

With a Manhunt game, you'd better believe they'd go over the game and DLC with a fine toothcomb. If they didn't, the BBFC and US equivalent certainly would.

RememberThe3573487d ago

I don't want a Hanhunt game, does that mean I'm going to get a ton of agrees?

I would rather them put there time into a new GTA or a new I.P. Hanhunt never really did anything for me. If I wanted brutality I played God of War.

StephanieBBB3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I would like to see a open world zombie game. Pretty much like if "I am legend" meet "21 days later" but with gameplay like GTA. Like if you go out when it's dark you have a higher chance of getting killed so you have to find shelter for the night and do your hunting/survivor searching and food/medical supply scavanging at day time.

If Rockstar could replicate the feeling of wanting to travel and explore some places but not daring to because your worried that your not gonna make it back in time. I believe it would be a hit.

If Rockstar made you plan your traveling each day and feel like you've gotten an achievment when you get there without a scratch. I believe it would be a mega hit.

If Rockstar made the gameplay so good that you forget about time and space much like diablo 2 did and probably diablo 3 will. Then this game would be a killer.

pwnsause3487d ago

if manhunt were on PS3/360 with motion controls that are really accurate, I would buy it. manhunt 2 was bad though.

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Cajun Chicken3488d ago

Hmm, Rockstar North don't do much but make the main GTA series...

Cajun Chicken3488d ago

I forgot 'North made the first Manhunt.

Disccordia3487d ago

Before they changed their name from DMA Design, they made Body Harvest for the N64 and the original Lemmings games.

No Way3487d ago

Don't forget Ping Pong! :D

Nawh, but they also made Bully. I liked the Bully game.
As a matter of fact, I'd like to see a Bully 2.. with multiplayer!

Kushan3487d ago

Rockstar NORTH didn't do Table Tennis or Bully, they were done by different parts of Rockstar (San Diego, Leeds, New England, etc.). Pretty much all Rockstar North has done is GTA and Manhunt, at least since they got renamed from DMA.

SuperM3487d ago

Its probably the new PS3 exclusive franchise they were gonna make.

Gorgon3487d ago

"Its probably the new PS3 exclusive franchise they were gonna make."

Then why are they asking for ps360 devs?

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Green Lantern23488d ago

I don't think MS would allow a AO game on their system but Sony i can understand i'm mean they got hentai games for ps2 in japan why not have AO Manhunt game for ps3.

TheColbertinator3488d ago

Censorship FTL.

bring on the castration

Mo0eY3487d ago

Because it's against the law. No chain stores sell AO rated games (Target, Walmart, Gamestop, etc)... Why do you think Manhunt 2 had to be remade?

So anything AO for any console maker is out of the question.

shadowfox3488d ago

which rockstar studio was supposed to be making LA Noire? Could they finally have begun work on it?

Disccordia3487d ago

It wasn't a Rockstar studio, they are just publishing it. (It was Team Bondii, by the way)

Gorgon3487d ago

It still is Team Bondi. The game is still in developement.

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