Modern Warfare 2 Trailer was Cut Short on TNT, Heads Will Roll!

In case you missed it, the Modern Warfare 2 trailer was aired during the 3rd quarter during the first TV timeout. In error, the trailer was cut short on TNT without and outro for the name of the game, Modern Warfare 2. Was the hype too much for the NBA Eastern Finals?

TNT Exclusive Trailer = FAIL

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xwabbit3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Um... most of that shown where vids from the sp

Edit below: thx 4 clearing that up. Pretty slow right now

mrjuandrful3489d ago

umm.. "Heads will Roll" due to the error on TNT's part. As in someone will be fired.

Hydrolex3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

nothing special about this game !

Same engine
same graphics

umm... Xbox 360 is limiting for sure ( Fuk you if you say NO )

Look at uncharted 2, killzone 2, which look 10 times better than this

even MGS4 and Uncharted that are old games look better !

evrfighter3489d ago

They showed it in full at the end of the game in case anyone missed it.

Hobadoon3489d ago

I saw the full thing as well.

RememberThe3573489d ago

That game was freakin awesome! King James cannot be stopped! This is one of the best finals I have watched ever.

evrfighter3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

you mean the game two nights ago? because Lebrick showed up tonight =\

But ya the game 2 ending had a jordan-like feel about it. Great shot by Lebron

RememberThe3573489d ago

I was too freakin busy... I still haven't had a chance to see the highlights. I guess I'll have to catch Sports Center tomorrow.

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Jumper10803489d ago

im watching TNT and it came on again at 11:40pm

-MD-3489d ago

-Call of Duty has never been known for it's graphics
-Xbox 360 is not limiting this title in any way.
-There's a reason CoD4 sold MORE than Uncharted,Killzone 2, and MGS4 combined. People like fun games not bad games with good graphics.

(and when I say bad I mean Killzone 2 it's just terrible however Uncharted was fantastic I loved it.)

Do I even need to mention the fact that all 3 of the games you mentioned are First party exclusives? Of course a multiplatform game won't have the visuals of a First party title.

SmittyJ313489d ago

Way to know your facts before shooting your mouth off. MGS4 is not a first party title. It's developed by Kojima productions and produced by Konami (not owned by Sony), so nice job with that. You may however be right about COD not being known for graphics but I mean come on, you have to admit the 360 is limiting big games like this is some ways.

-MD-3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

MGS4 was developed pretty much exclusively for PS3 so in my eyes it's a first party title (yes I know what first party means). Thank you I know it was a nice job.

No 360 is not limiting games like this I disagree.

Hydrolex3489d ago

I enjoy Uncharted MGS4 and killzone 2 more than COD ! they have awesome graphics and great gameplay

you fail , you better suk a black dik

silverchode3489d ago

i am more hyped for moder warfare 2 than i was for kz2.

ambientFLIER3489d ago

Duh. I have Killzone 2 and I mostly play COD4 all day. I don't think I even turned on my PS3 in a month.

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