Video Game Bible Finally Out

David Perry recently released Video Game Design, a book that can be only treated as the bible of video game development. On over 1000 pages, David details how the game creation and production should be managed. It took over five years to create this book targeting students and designers, and game dev colleagues alike.

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Kakkoii3198d ago

Wow, definitely going to be picking this up! Give me some insight onto what I'm getting myself into lol.

TenSteps3197d ago

I'm getting it too, it seems like it's going to be pretty helpful for college

micro_invader3197d ago

Interesting, I'll definitely think of picking this up.

HDgamer3197d ago

I'm also buying this first thing this week.

Timesplitter143197d ago

imma buy it, since I'm heading there in the near future

bjornbear3197d ago

OMG! Must get! =D hey see ya guys there ^-^... (way later...slow start =/)!!

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