First day sales in Japan

A complete listing of first day sales data in Japan for various games have been released, along with sell-through rates.

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knox3070d ago

nice start for mass effect.

and WOW did takt of magic really do that bad?

Chubear3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Killzone 2, A FPS IN JPN, moves over 32k in launch week and it's "haha! teh flopz sales!11!0!" but Mass Effect, AN RPG, move 12k and it's "Oh, thatz teh uber salez. Mass Effects iz teh console sella!"

:/ Unbelievable.

36T3069d ago

How old is Mass Effect compared to Killzone 2? Yes, Japan just got the game, but it's old. Not exactly something they haven't heard of before. Now if Mass Effect out sells Killzone 2 in Japan, i will laugh pretty hard, even if they don't like FPS games.

Elven63069d ago

This is only one day dude, how much did K2 sell opening day?

Regardless, a FPS is one thing but a Western RPG selling in Japan is funny.

TheColbertinator3070d ago

Good work for Mass Effect.I can't believe Japan is barely getting it

TheBand1t3070d ago

Japan is just now getting Mass Effect?

Took them long enough.

40cal3070d ago

Japan will be saying the same thing when we get Final Fantasy XIII.

bozebo3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

[edit] oops, completely misread your post (don't worry it wasnt a flame)

Shadow Man3070d ago

aww man. at least hit 100k in a week.

Damn alien sex scenes didn't help after all.

TheBand1t3070d ago

A tentacle sex scene would have pushed 500k in one week.

LTC3070d ago

Not all gamers jerk off to video games like u. Get a girlfriend or a boyfriend if thats your thing. I heard Marts available GET IN THERE.

YeOldeGamer3070d ago

A 2 y.o. wrpg...for the in 3rd place. LOL...must be a slow week in Japan. :/

Anyway, we now know there are AT LEAST 12,000 intelligent gamers in Japan, with good taste to boot. :p

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The story is too old to be commented.