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jack who3104d ago

i just shiiitted my self

MAR-TYR-DOM3104d ago

It looks like the single player will be as epic as the multiplayer.
And all those who doubted the graphics, well look now, its looks better than any other multiplatform game and in five more months it will look better.

The real king of shooters has arrived!

- Ghost of Sparta -3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I'm looking, still looks like COD4.

Winter47th3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

might as well release it as DLC, I think I'll stick to Bad Company 2/'43 and Uncharted 2 for Multiplayer, not looking forward to rehashing 2007 again.

*Sigh* Look, ditch the engine, it's getting outdated faster than Source, this isn't an annual sports event, same animations, sh!tty effects, low-res textures, now I know how they managed to keep it 60FPS, let's hope it's true 720P this time. or maybe we're too spoiled by the standards Killzone 2 has set.

Take your time, the first COD was great, the second was a step up, the fourth was amazing, but looking at this, I got bored already.

Multiplayer better be impressive, I mean Dedicated Servers impressive, it's a busy season, with a lot of AAAs heading our way, you'll just be left in the cold with this laziness in programming.

Megaton3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Oh the horror, it seems like CoD4, as if that's a bad thing. I'm totally excited for this, absolutely cannot wait. The last part of the trailer with the rope, incredible.

Bring it on, Infinity Ward!

Sarcasm3104d ago

COD4.5 anyone?

Oh well, the single player and graphics isn't an issue.

I cant wait to see what kind of multiplayer stuff they come up with. That's what's really worth looking foward to.

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evrfighter3104d ago

Infinity Ward

Where Amazing Happens.

Winter47th3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

When COD2 was shown it sure was pretty, when COD4 debuted it was simply unmatched by anything else in the market, but THIS! this's a joke.

I just hope Infinity Ward didn't get too big for its own good. "If it's not broken, don't fix it" mentality doesn't work, it's "If it's not broken, it needs more features" how you'll keep ahead of everyone else.

IW better move on to a new IP as soon as they finish this, being a cash cow for Activision doesn't always mean you're on the right track.

Yosking3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Incredible you guys at Infinity Ward deserve the fruits of your labor, please ignore my ungrateful counterparts..they have been spoiled by the great games from sony's trunk...but I do not shun those of the 360 crowd, for they have been graced with malice and neglect.

Thankyou Infinity and ****You Treyarch!!


xwabbit3104d ago

Rlly im not hyped about this game even 1 bit and not cus its going to suck or anything but FEEL that this is going to be COD4 with diff maps and y they hell would i buy the same game for diff maps, i knwo ti might have lil details thats going to make it funner or i hope it does but eh. Ill rent it and see

PrimordialSoupBase3104d ago

It'll be good. People need a reality check though: It's just a game. Chill.

bullswar3104d ago Show
Blaze9293104d ago

Why are you games complaining about the visuals when we all know damn well gameplay is where it'll be at. This doesn't look good compared to what? Killzone 2? But it'll sure as hell play better....

DelbertGrady3104d ago

The degree of jealous PS3 fanboys mindlessly commenting about graphics are a sign of IW's greatness.

I can't believe that it moved at 60 fps. The environments looked varied and totally awesome, and the story seems great as well. No need to mention the controls, they never fail in that department.

actas1233104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

wth, am I the only one that thinks killzone 2 graphics are horrible. Seriously, to those ppl that keep praising it's graphics please stop. I mean I have a 32" Samsung LCD and it looks like garbage, no color no variety. I keep wondering what makes others think it looks kick asss, I mean is it the TVs u guys are using or what??
Anyways, from what I've seen so far, the graphics, the COLORS, the variety in environments of WF2. this game is gonna be my number one or two (after uncharted2)

BWS19823104d ago

check your tv then. Killzone 2 should make a prime gauge for benchmarking your tv's display. If Killzone 2 looks bad, your tv's in need of a repair or replacement. Do any other games/blu-rays look bad? You should be answering yes to that question if you're being honest about your question.

ShabzS3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

if its not a console exclusive its automatically a fail ?... sheesh .. no one cares about the games anymore its all just a product for bragging rights huh...

this is a fail only on n4g... ditch the engine? terrible animation? ... wow... stupidest things i've ever heard .......... yet

La Chance3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

The graphics arent impressive at all either than that it was TERRIFIC, especially the scene with the rope at the end.

UltraNova3104d ago

"The degree of jealous PS3 fanboys mindlessly commenting about graphics are a sign of IW's greatness "

What? Did you just say that?

Care to elaborate as to why ps3 owners are jealous on the graphics department?

Motorstorm? Heavenly Sword? Uncharted? GT5:P? MGS4? Resistance 2? Killzone 2???

You know what, dont bother I dont care and I dont want to listen to your 'opinion'.

BTW if by any chance you didnt know COD:MW2 is on the ps3 as well...

Congrats dude you have posted the most untrue, pointless and biased comment in recent n4g memory.

BLuKhaos3104d ago

Looks good but I'll wait for BFBC2 for my online modern warfare fix, it has a much more competitive community.

4Sh0w3104d ago

lol, you gotta be kiddin me. [shakes head] This game is looking freakin sick, its like summer blockbuster movie and IW's got tons of time to polish up this gem. damm am I going to laugh hard at the doubters come launch day.

Alvadr3104d ago

I would put money on this being a GOTY nominee for sure

callahan093103d ago

It looks really good. Very cool. It's going to be fun. If they can make good on their promise not to have infinite spawning enemies like they had in Call of Duty 4 than even better. But they'd better not put in any stupid timed missions like in Call of Duty 4. That part where you had to survive 10 minutes or so for the helicopter to arrive, and the part where you only had like 15 minutes to infiltrate the missile silo? That crap was annoying. I hate time requirements like that. This game can be one of the best ever if they remedy those issues.

ShabzS3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

man play that last mission on veteran and the timer goes to nine minutes... PAIN IN THE A** it IS !!

Edit @ below: ROLF!!.... lol .. nice

JokesOnYou3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Put it this way, once MW2 is released we'll pretty much know what we'll see in KZ3.

So far its:

Hellghans with riot control shields. check
A cinematic rope scene escape. check

Damm, MW2 looks like another great edition from IW, GG keep taking notes. lmfao


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meluvulongtime3103d ago

Maybe I'm just burned out on FPS, but I just can't get excited about this game. Hopefully the single player campaign is solid and has some good length to it. Beating COD4 in an afternoon was a huge disappointment.

pain777pas3103d ago

I'm not hyped. Gameplay before graphics for this one cause the bars been raised. I'm not that big a graphics whore so good story and great gameplay FTW.

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swiftshot933104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Its gonna be one of the best FPS ever.

MGOelite3104d ago

graphics arnt as good as killzone 2 but this still looks fuking epic

MGOelite3104d ago

confirmation, xbots are dyslexic retards

Shadow Man3104d ago

shut up crack head you!!!

chidori6663104d ago

all games were dated after the killzone 2 ...

-MD-3104d ago

Right cause one guy speaks for the other 30 million 360 owners.

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koouunn3104d ago

screw killzone. it might have had good graphics, it just wasnt a good game

ZuperAmazingCooKie3104d ago

Even if it's ugly. Not Halo 3 ugly, but still ugly.

RonDeMuerte3104d ago

360 only gamers are so pathetic....I love how they get all excited over multi-platform games (as if they were theirs to brag about..hahaha!!!...must be the lack of exclusives that are making them go insane...)....I guess it's easy to be impressed by a game like this when you haven't played Killzone 2....this game looks best....PS3 exclusives will always be keep dreaming X-bots....hahahaha you rambling idiots!!!!!

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outlawlife3104d ago

inclusion of civilians should be quite interesting