Square Enix's Killer E3 Details - Three Unannounced Games

Gameplayer has some exciting news about what gamers can expect from Square Enix at this year's E3.

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Lucreto3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

SE please give me some RPG's already.

-MD-3465d ago

Buy a 360 it has plenty of RPGs.

Green Lantern23465d ago

yeah what murder said buy a 360 it got plenty of rpg.

Black Maverick3465d ago

SE please give me some Good RPG's already.

Fixed that for ya.

Obama3465d ago

Too bad no 360 exclusive jrpg has made it pass the 80 mark. (don't bring up Vesperia since it's no longer exclusive)

-MD-3465d ago

Well it's still not out on the PS3 so technically yes it's still exclusive

So my answer to you is Tales of Vesperia


Immortal Kaim3465d ago

mmm... Wrong zone I think.

Enough with the X game scored less than Y score so it must be bad. I absolutely love(d) Lost Odyssey and it didn't get fantastic scores. Each to their own.

Obama3465d ago

murderdoll, your weak comeback may still work few months ago, but not now.



And who would buy a console, for this game alone, when it's coming toa console such person already have?

Worst. Comeback. Ever.

No Way3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Like Immortal Kiam said.. To each their own.
I've enjoyed a lot of the RPGs on the x360.
Most didn't get great scores, but I don't care..

And, besides, the average score for a game below an 80 still isn't a bad game.

-MD-3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

@1.7 My comeback worked just fine thank you very much. I'll look forward to owning you in the future.

@1.8 Your message has nothing to do with what I wrote you're obviously confused and you need to log off the internet.

rockleex3465d ago

Lilith is the sister of Morrigan. And they're from the game Darkstalkers... which was made by Capcom.

I just don't get what a Lilith cosplay picture has to do with Square Enix. O_o

If you want hits, at least use Tifa or something SE related. -_-"

indysurfn3465d ago

I wonder what this person was thinking? Does he know know that games can be translated from PS3 to 360 in a less than a month and this was announced last year? Another reason given was because it has to be localized? Does he not know that the American PS3 is also in English, and also has to be localized Hello? Does he not know that the engine Square built for this game and others was for both xbox360, and PS3?

Tomdc3464d ago

KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then my dreams will come true! =D =D =D

kevnb3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Theres a few decent ones, but honestly square hasnt put alot of effort into 360 jrpgs as of yet. They released a few just to see how well they would sell, and the results were about the same as playstation consoles but maybe 50,000 copies short in japan. (keep in mind the rpgs released arent big budget blockbusters)

INehalemEXI3464d ago

Demons Souls is all you need till FF13, and WKC.

Ahmay3464d ago

and beautiful booth babes ftw.....

7thNightvolley3464d ago

i dont agree with u saying some jrpgs in the 360 is not gd coz i really did enjoy lost odessey and mass effect

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Sucks2BU3465d ago

Looks like that is the way of the future for Square Enix: an interesting indication of the eveness of this generation's Xbox and Sony sales and sales projections.

Cerberus_Hunter3465d ago

As long as their games are awesomoe.

Jinxstar3465d ago

"As long as their games are awesomoe."

None of them have been since the PS1...

GameGambits3465d ago

I hope E3 reveals the new Final Fantasy Online project by the FFXI dev team. That'd be something to get me looking at buying a new decked out PC for again.

A sequel to Radiata Stories would also be welcome. Saga Frontier games. Secret/Legend of Mana games. Hopefully though they stick to 360 and PS3, because my Wii really doesn't have much software nor does it seem to be since Nintendo screwed the pooch for hardcore gamers this generation. I wish Nintendo great success in the future too and hope next console gen they take all that Wii cash and spend it on the most decked out console in terms of specs.

Square could also hit up a Valkyrie Profile for PS3. I'd be into it. :)

kesvalk3464d ago


the world ends with you is marvelous...

i say that we will have a ds and a PSP game, or another DS remake (FF 6 please..)
and a 360/PS3 game and a Wii one...

this is what i think...

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qface643465d ago

it wasn't the article that caught my attention it was something else xD

Spike473465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Pretty interesting job, although a bit pathetic. ;)

None of SE's games interest me except FF13 and FF versus 13.

DevastationEve3464d ago

if you actually played some of x360's rpgs maybe you'd see that blue dragon and lost odyssey were pretty good.

and as for complaining about someone being a fanboy why don't you try it yourself.

Heldrasil3464d ago

It's same amount you are being paid for advertising for Sony.

rebirthofcaos3465d ago

as square is at the momment they will be 360 2009 release date and then 20XX ps3. square just su·ks, thanks lvl5 for white knight, NIS for X edge, and atlus for demons souls.

Forrest Gump3465d ago

I personally don't have the patience to wait for their mediocre RPGs to hit the Triple,unless all their unannounced games are day 1 on Ps3,they won't be seeing my money for anything other than FF13.

Demons Souls and White Knight Chronicles will be more than enough to feed my RPG appetite.

DevastationEve3464d ago

so you hate their business decisions but you'll still buy their games?

fan. boy.

Bordel_19003464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

I have no intention of buying any SE games. I'll buy an exclusive any day before a multi-platform SE game. Call me whatever you want I still vote with my wallet. Money talks and SE isn't getting any of it from me.

kevnb3464d ago

I call you foolish, when Square releases their 4-5 gems this gen (they usually only start with the first Final Fantasy each gen) Ill play them while you protest against Square Enix.

Bordel_19003464d ago


Well, hopefully I'll be playing some other great games while protesting. Foolish, probably, but the only way I can show my dislike for SE and their ways.

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