PS3Vault Review: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

PS3Vault: 'Sacred 2 is an interesting case. Usually, action RPGs feature an astonishing lack of openness but, instead, Sacred 2 gives you a massive open world to explore. It's important to understand just how huge the game world actually is. Hundreds of hours of gameplay are available to eager players waiting to sink their teeth into the world. The world itself is broken into sections, each unique and governed by the different races. Locations include tropical forests, deserts and large cities that all take a life of their own.

Once you start the game, you are presented with a few options for your character. You can pick a god to worship, which, like in many RPGs, gives you a special power, and it's interesting to mix and match the powers with the character classes. The player is also presented with the choice to do a light or dark campaign, each of which has a set of unique quests that also adds to the massive amount of replay value that this game holds - if you can stomach starting an RPG all over again, of course.'

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dragonyght3345d ago

i wanted to try this game i guess not

TheHater3345d ago

This am is amazing dude, don't let the reviews fool you. I am actually enjoying this game a lot more than I did Fallout 3 in terms of Western RPG are concerns.

Gamoc3345d ago

A 7.5 isn't a bad review, you know.

ClearConscious3345d ago

For fans of the genre it's a must have.

Myst3344d ago

Definitely need to get this game, even if some reviewers rate it low it still shines a bit in my eyes and seems to be a good game overall. Specially since I like hack and slash.