'Watchmen' Blu-ray to include full PS3 game

Warner Bros. has announced that the special 2-disc Director's Cut edition Watchmen Blu-ray disc will include a full PlayStation 3 video game, Watchmen: The End is Nigh.

The movie is expected to hit stores on July 21st, but there was no word on MSRP for the special edition.

Although it is unclear what extra features will be on movie/game version, the standard edition includes "11 making-of Watchmen shorts, Chemical
Romance's music video for "Desolation Row" and the studio's debut of 'Maximum Movie Mode,' in which director Zack Snyder will appear as the film is rolling to explain various ins and outs of the creation process. Also on the standard Blu-ray edition is a new Web-enabled feature expanding the community screening experience to users' Facebook friend

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FAT MAN GO BOOM3490d ago

I can't wait for this movie... I was going o buy this anyways so this is like a bonus.... sweet...

faisdotal3490d ago

I was gonna do the same tbh, but this is great. I didn't realize they were doing this early, when Sony mentioned movie and games on Blu. I also haven't seen the movie yet but have watch the motion comic which is awesome. I hope this movie doesn't dissappoint me.

mastiffchild3490d ago

So it begins... Anyone know if they're doing this in PAL territouies with the Ghostbisters game and Blu ray movie releases? Not the game free but maybe the films thrown in with the game for an extra tenner or something.

I guess they may see how this goes before we see loads of licenced games coming packed with the film. Glad to see Sony finally dong this to take advantage of what BR and PS3 can offer.

jwatt3490d ago

They should do this with wolverine.

Buttons3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Except both the Wolverine movie and game were terrible (especially the movie)

TheTwelve3490d ago

Yep, I'll be getting this now. Can't beat a package like that.

And neither the Wolverine movie nor game were TERRIBLE, bro. The former isn't the Godfather and the latter isn't Killzone 2, but they were decent.

I gave you an agree by mistake. :)


ThanatosDMC3490d ago

I wonder how much it'll cost. I hope it's less than $30...

Buttons3490d ago

Okay, I guess I did exaggerate, but the movie's script was plain bad. Hugh Jackman is a great actor (The Prestige is my favorite with him. I also loved him at the Oscars), but not even the best director or actor can save a bad script. The demo of the game just made me go play Uncharted again.

FragMnTagM3490d ago

The sales should be pretty high, and packaging a full game along with the Blu Ray is a good deal. Even if the game is not the greatest, it is still a great deal. It would definitely start to save some space in the game cases for good games.


Don't expect this to full games.

Watchmen: The End is Nigh (part 1 and 2) are downloadable games.

Bundling full disc based games with movies would probably not cut many costs (if any) making those be priced like 85 dollars (the price of a movie + a game), it would be a combined buy rather than a bundle...

Actually, you can't bundle a game with a movie... Just like you don't give a PS3 to those who buy Uncharted. You bundle the cheaper with the high priced.

Not saying this kind of deal wouldn't happen. It actually can rise interest in gamers to buy movies or vice versa. But it wouldn't be by moneysaving deals.

rockleex3489d ago

The graphic novel!!!

It wouldn't take that much more space... and people who have never read it can see the Watchmen world in much more depth!! ^_^

Fans of the graphic novel would love it too. ^_^

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LarVanian3490d ago

Watchmen is one of the best comic-book movies I've ever seen.
Can't wait to see it on blu-ray.

OhReginald3490d ago

I agree. They did such a great job picking the actors, they nailed Rorschach and the comedian.

cmrbe3490d ago

but i didn't like watchmen. It started off really really well but then it got stupid near the end for me. it didn't help that i knew who killed the comedian the first time i saw him.

The opening scene as well as the opening credits with Bob Dylan was truly spectacular.

Kevin McCallister3490d ago

You probably would have really hated the true ending from the graphic novel then. Though I do think it made more sense than the movie ending, the general audience likely wouldn't care for it/understand it.

PrimordialSoupBase3490d ago

It's a pretty poor adaptation. Granted, it was stupid to make Watchmen into a movie in the first place.

rockleex3489d ago

Got the actors that fit the looks.

But Zack does NOT know how to tell a story as deep as Watchmen.

He should have gotten Christopher Nolan to help with the storytelling side of things... although its unlikely for them to agree to work with each other. It would have been a dream come true.

It would have looked perfect, and would have told the story perfectly too... with all the themes, symbolism, ideals, etc.

Reshun3489d ago

But after watching the movie I became a huge fan of Rorschach. Probably due to what OhReginald stated above.

rockleex3489d ago

You should DEFINITELY read the graphic novel if you liked the movie.

Its not your regular comic book. Its more like a real book, but with graphics.

There's a couple very complex themes in the graphic novel. For example, the idea of time is explained very thoroughly by Dr. Manhattan.

Anyways, if you are interested in very deep themes, complex ideas, the many shades of gray within all morals, etc, then you should definitely read the Watchmen.

Also, you'll love Rorschach even MORE in the graphic novel! There's so much of his past that they left out in the movie. ^_^

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andron3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I read they have about 30+ mins. of extra footage left out of the theatrical release. That is what I want to see...

Edit: I don't think I will even play the game even if it's included on the Blu-Ray...

ReBurn3490d ago

30 more minutes? This movie is incredibly long to begin with.

I'm definitely getting the movie on Blu. I'm a fan of The Watchmen and this movie really resonated with me. It would be nice if the Blu version also came with a digital download copy.

Buttons3490d ago

Man, you should see the extended version of Return of the King...

MGOelite3490d ago

i dont know about anyone else but i hated this film, half way though i was just thinking, wtf have i just been watching for the last hour?

Mindboggle3490d ago

How much is this gunna be. I dont care that its got a PS3 game in it, if its not the same price as regular blu rays...about £15 im not buying it.

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