Heavy Rain - Some new screenshots

Eurogamer Portugal published some new screenshots from Heavy Rain.

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Spike473344d ago

Now after the gameplay vids were released, it might turn out better than I thought. From my point of view, it's a nice beath of fresh air from all of the typical FPS games and hack n slash.

maxbyte3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

but it will be a change.
The game is nothing more than a newer version of Fahrenheit. Done on a new hardware platform and with some added control enhancements.
Don't get me wrong - the above is good, in my book, and this is a first day purchase for me.
Still, IMHO, it is nothing revolutionary (except some graphical elements)

Lifendz3344d ago

that doesn't sell really well but, over time, will make up for that money through DLC. I plan on buying EVERY episode of DLC for this game IF it is what I expect. The storyline and the concept seems so Noir for lack of a better word. Can't wait.

original seed3344d ago

At first i thought this game would be epic. Now after seeing the videos, with down-graded graphics and all the QTE it looks like it will Fail.

One thing is for sure, this game is unique. Lets see how it turns out. Im not holding my breath though.

- Ghost of Sparta -3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

The quality of Eurogamer's "screenshots" are worthless. These weren't even published by Quantic Dream, just captured from this short trailer.

@ original seed: You're right, just like Indigo Prophecy failed in 2005, when it won best adventure game and best story from GameSpot.


Don't bother me the graphics (still ok, but they have teased us with much more than that and I'll remember it!) or the gameplay (I wasn't expect shooter mechanics in a adventure).

My problem there is the animations... For a game that has most of the action pre-scripted, those animations totally suck.

I just hope they work (hard) in it. I need that adventure fix from so much time with action games (and in that sense it's fresh air).


People having fun with the disagree button I see... Whatever.

rockleex3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

Yet, its not really QTE at the same time.

In regular QTE, if you mess up, then its game over. There's really no reason why you would prefer QTE over actual combat when both offer the same outcomes, only difference is that you have less control with QTE.

Heavy Rain is different. In Heavy Rain, every fight scene has MULTIPLE different outcomes. So in order for them to offer you those possibilities, they have to use QTE so that you have multiple preset combat paths to choose from.

If you press the wrong button, then it will lead to a different branch of QTEs. Or they will provide you with different buttons to press. Press Triangle to use the wrench on the ground, press Square to tackle, press Circle to roll to the side, etc.

With this type of QTE, each button can do different things depending on the context of the situation.

If they use a real combat system, you would have more control over the character, but then they would only be able to offer TWO possible outcomes. One if you win, the other if you lose.

rockleex3344d ago

Are you telling me Heavy Rain doesn't offer multiple outcomes to a fight scene?

RememberThe3573344d ago

They're not making this game to sell millions. They're making this game to tell a story, and to give us something different. If your young minded selves can't handle that, then please don't even follow this game.

If you respect what this game is trying to do, then please follow this game 'til release. But if you were only following this game because you thought it was going to have the best graphics ever, then please, like I said before, stop following this game. It's really not for you, leave this to the big boys.

Lifendz3343d ago

where did that come from? If you don't think they're making this game to sell games then please take your head out of your arse.

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Mandaspt3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

Its a more mature game that wouldn't sell well, unfortunately.

Baba19063344d ago

im pretty sure ill buy this. i love storydriven games.

pixelsword3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

...people aren't exposed and desensitized to facial expressions derived from animation; to a person who doesn't watch too many animated shows, or someone who doesn't watch television in general will have a reaction more closely related to the uncanny valley theory.

Supercalifragili3344d ago

I love this game and I think Quantic wil show more amazing media.

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