Bonus Round: Sony E3 2009 Preview - Part 3


"E3 is right around the corner and this week our panel debates this year's show and how it has changed in years past. Why is Microsoft being so tight-lipped this year about their announcements? Is Sony planning to unveil a brand new PSP…and what about the PS3 price cut? Whether we're discussing which third party title will rule supreme, or if Nintendo will finally appease the hardcore, this episode of the Bonus Round gives you an E3 preview! Also, did your user-question get featured? Find out!"

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Lifendz3342d ago

didn't make me think about anything new. All the guys basically said Sony has the best games coming this year, or excuse me, the most interesting lineup this year, but that the price is the "elephant" in the room that keeps these games from doing big numbers. I guess they're right.

Exclusive DLC is cool and all, but you're really only getting the multi-console owner's money. The guy that only owns a 360 isn't going to pass on Modern Warfare 2 because the DLC is exclusive, timed or otherwise, to PS3.

paskowitz3342d ago

kinda boring episode but they made some good points.
-PS3 has a solid line up
-price is holding that line up back
-can sony afford to drop the price
-new psp is a must
-dlc can be good but is not the be all end all