Is Rage The Game Sony Secured? Also 360 May Have Twitter This Year hiphopgamershow 5/24/09

1. Forza 3 To Outdo Gran Turismo Again?
2. Transformers is Call Of Duty With Robots
3. Sees Microsoft Handheld Coming
4. Game Review - UFC (MUST BUY)
5. Prototype is the most polished open world game to date
6. Zone Of The Enders 3 A Reality?
Much Much More Enjoy The Show

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Jamegohanssj53495d ago

Wait Forza out did Grand Turismo?
Transformers is Call of Duty with robots? So that means it's still going to suck?
Prototype polished? ROFLMAO!
Sony secured Rage? ROFLMAO!

You're doing a hell of a job HHG.


xbollox3495d ago

i laughed my breakfast out at: "Is Rage The Game Sony Secured"
i cleaned up my screen and then,
i rolled on the floor at: "Forza 3 To Outdo Gran Turismo Again"

i want some of whatever HHG is smoking

Harri44443495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

i love how this idiot is always talking about "getting big." yet he keeps coming up with titles like this.

1. Forza 3 To Outdo Gran Turismo Again?
2. Transformers is Call Of Duty With Robots
3. Sees Microsoft Handheld Coming
4. Game Review - UFC (MUST BUY)
5. Prototype is the most polished open world game to date
6. Zone Of The Enders 3 A Reality?
Much Much More Enjoy The Show

just pathetic.

aksmashh3495d ago

Then Again I Think They Bought Out Two Games Buy Time They Bought Out One
GT5 This Year Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

Rock Bottom3495d ago

See people? nothing wrong with asking questions, now if only we could ignore HHG news articles despite their retarded headlines so they wont end up on N4G's front page...

ShabzS3495d ago

hip hop gamer has officially learned how to pull off great headlines...

Lifendz3495d ago

Someone is really open after getting to go to Vegas all expenses paid to play Prototype, huh?

Defectiv3_Detectiv33495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Forza is lame. None of the cars really feel all that different. They took out the best track (japanese downhill) in part 2. The tuning is cheap.

GT5 will feature damage for the first time. It already has formula, rally racing, and drifting along w/ more traditional racing.

It is also rumored that Forza will be copying GTTV in the next iteration. On GTTV you can watch races like the world rally cup and the d1 championships.

GT5 will also have the test track from Top Gear and you can try and beat the stig's times. Not to mention, GT regularly has the car engineers oversee the game to make sure the cars are as realistic as possible (Skyline GT-R)

Gran Turismo is the only racing game that is currently capable of running at 60fps at 1080p.

Prologue, which isn't even a full game, and has been out like a year less than Forza2, has managed to sell 3.2 million vs. Forza's 3.8. Imagine when GT5 comes out what will happen.

DailyAddict3495d ago

Why is every game he gets for free (the few that he gets cause none of the bigger publishers take him seriously) a "Must-Buy"? Coincidence? I think not. Total sell out to the fullest (anticipates next week's review is his first non-Must Buy just so he can say he's not a sell-out)

Harri44443495d ago

Rock Bottom is right N4G is the ONLY reason that HHG even exists if we stop feeding him views then he will slowly die.

staub913495d ago

How did Forza ever out do Gran Turismo?

You make yourself look like a fool with your headlines constantly.

Please stop being dumb.

PS...Has hiphopgamer ever reviewed a game and say not to buy it?
Some gamers can't afford to buy every game ever made, so a must buy should be a title reserved for a truly outstanding game.

Please grow up.

Sarcasm3495d ago

What's hilarious is that even gametrailer's invisible walls talk show makes fun of HipHopGamer. I think in episode 56, they mention "dude you better watch out, hiphopgamer might try to bum rush you" "I know, I'm afraid of that guy"

Jamegohanssj53495d ago

Now can I have my bubble back please and thank you.


4Sh0w3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Really why do some of you even bother with HHG posts every week? If you disagree with him about something thats fine but why just show up to basicly say you hate him and offer charachter attacks? I think he's flat out wrong about some things he suggest but how does that make the whole show bad?

MAiKU3495d ago

Stay away from these articles if you want to enjoy E3.

hip hop ghetto show = troll FAIL.

Tarasque3494d ago

I didn't know GT5 was out, being that you know for a fact that it runs at that. Cause prologue does not achieve this by any means. It has color banding in the intro and pop ups in the speedway track. And what about pc racing games? It is all about taste and GT5 Prologue left a bad one in my mouth.

morganfell3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

The guy from Activision has a look on his face that says, "jeesh hhg, stop kissing my ass. Even I don't think the game is that good."

Could hhg have sucked up any harder? I will bet his head is about to collapse inward.

And seriously, best MP game ever? That moronic comment immediately disqualifies everything else he has to say. Not that it matters as any thing that drops from him is pure tripe.

Change nanometers? I am still laughing over that one. Apparently he doesn't understand that Sony is cutting costs on the PS3 the same as they did with the PS2. Refined production, slight redesigns, and reduced production costs.

Here is another clue hhg, 99% of the developers do not have squat to say about what platform gets a game. That is up to the publisher almost every time. Money = control.

"I mo go out on a limb." Really? Could you do the gaming community a favor and take a saw with you?

Agent VX3494d ago

I think Forza 3 is gonna give GT 5 a serious run for the money. I really am finding it very hard to understand why GT 5 is taking so long to come out, and why we hear so little about it. I need a game on the PS3 to play as it currently is collecting dust, and GT 5 is the game that hopefully will do this.

Again, I am starting a petition on the censorship of this site of peoples views, and how N4G should reform the system of bubbles. It is quite obvious that fanboys for the most part ruin posting here buy deleting bubbles of people that have different views. This is censorship at it's finest, as the majority trounce on the minority no matter how valid their opinion is.

There is no doubt there are vulgar people here, and they should be dealt with. But when someone's opinion differs from the majority and they get punished, this is total censorship. Reform you system N4G, and let the minorities speak also. This rewarding of people who push the majorities views is totally unacceptable.

morganfell3494d ago

"We demand you allow us to shove our minority and often incorrect view down everyone's throats!"


Instead, welcome to democracy.

Oh, look I can vote on a persons bubbles. Either adding ....or in some cases, like this one, removing them.

Event Horizon3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )


LOL, democracy trumps individual rights.... yep, the world is flat also, the majority is always right!!! Rolls eyes!!!

Good vid by the hiphopgamer. Win some cast in Vegas HHG'er.

DaTruth3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

You're a 360 fanboy and everyone knows it, so it is clear that anything PS3 will leave a bad taste in your mouth. How could someone hate everything PS3 related and expect us to believe he owns a PS3? What exactly was it? The incredible graphics, the cars controlling like the originals? You didn't know from the first 4 GTs, what they were about?

@HHG; You need some exclusive gameplay trailers or something, because you can't expect people to just watch some guy talking about stuff, that may or may not happen. I mean, it's just you talking!

morganfell3494d ago

Event apparently believes that subjecting the many to the will of the few = individual rights. Wake up. This is a privately owned site. You do not have any rights other than those provides in the user agreement. And even those are subject to change.

Here is an individual right you and your little friend vx can exercise. Don't like the place? Vote with your feet and take a hike. Goodbye.


Why do you still try it Agent [whatever number follows with this account]? You are just like Why dis, nasim or I did not murder him, nobody will ever hear you guys couse we all know you are just trolls.

On topic now. Forza is a great game, it for sure has surpassed GT in some points like customization and damages (more like a "first" thing, not that the damage is great like in Burnout or something). Overall still I believe GT (up to 4) was a better game.

GT5 is really taking sometime, but Kazunori was laughing last time we checked with a 2010 quastion... I believe it will appear in this E3 with a 2009 release date.

Forza 3 was revealed in Brazil by MS like in early April, I don't believe it will make this year.

Whenever those come, I hope both are great on their own.

pixelsword3494d ago

...GT looks fantastic and plays realistically in terms of control; but Forza is realistic in the fact that there's car damage and customization beyond the standard manufacturers car colors...

...the first game that allows me to put fuzzy dice on my car mirror wins.


pain777pas3494d ago

Guys lets just admit it we disagree with some of his views but we still tune in because its fun and entertaining. Now GT is better than Forza IMO. Forza is a souless good game. GT has got soul and is a good game. Prototype I'll wait for reader reviews. The beat with FF7 at the end was nice I really liked that. His enthusiasm is needed midst the criticism. I don't agree with some of his points but I do the same for Gertsman and even Kasavin, rarely but it happened with MGS3 which I thought was amazing and I thought he was alittle hard on it. Keep doing what you're doing HHG because its good to see someone enjoying themselves these days of know it alls and critics. Admit it people you kinda like him even though you disagree with him and there is always a place for that in the world.

gaffyh3494d ago

I do not agree with Forza outdoing Gran Turismo. I don't think that will ever happen, GT is still the best racing game available, and I've played a lot.

I'm not going to try and convince anyone, but when they show GT5 (e3 or whenever it doesn't matter), you guys will cry at how good it is and how bad Forza is compared to it. And on that day I will smile :D

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mac4u103495d ago

Hip hop is the man...i actually thgt he was being for real good to see his only playing around another reason why i visit N4G on sundays.

lloyd_wonder3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Anybody watching the Cavs tonight?

King James 23!

chrisnick3495d ago

And he better win that damn game!!!!

Hutch23553495d ago

But he is not the black mamba. He needs to do what he did in game two about 20 more times to be in the same class as Kobe when it comes to closing out games. LBJ is the best all around player in the game though.

lloyd_wonder3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

That 3- ball he made was sweet last game, but Cavs definitely need to close games more effectively.

And, yeah... Kobe is nice. He did his thing yesterday, closing out that game. Melo is good also. Alot of people sleep on Melo, but he's as nice as Lebron because he can defend, shoot the ball, and drive.

chrisnick3495d ago

is stop losing such huge leads, and i found it strange that in game one lebron got so cramped up, i remember in the pistons overtime game he pretty much played the entire game and all of overtime. maybe he just plays harder or just hasn't had to play that hard all season but's hoping for a king james/ mamba showdown.

Halo3 MLG Pro3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

They play on Monday.


Oh crap, they do play tonight. Damn it, got to go get ready. Cavs vs. Lakers NBA Finals! To hard to call the winner. Going to be one of the best finals yet.

Chubear3494d ago

OP, I'm PMing you my response to your 23 comment. lol
The entire show was fantastic. Would have liked to hear more PS3 stuff cause it seemed that wasn't as beefed up as other segments but great great show.

Intro - Great
Body of show - superb
Outtro with Final Fantasy remix face off - hot!

Cant' wait for more coverage on E3.

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