Here's A Picture Of Amanda Mackay Holding The DJ Hero Controller

PushSquare: "Gametrailer's have put up this crazy promo for some ridiculously melodramatic pre-E3 show they're doing (which has new Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time footage by the way) hosted by Geoff Keighley and Rose McGowan (no we don't know why either).

Alas - the thing the promo is best for is a sneaky glimpse of secondary co-host Amanda Mackay holding the new DJ Hero controller. We think anything Amanda Mackay is holding looks rad, but genuinely, this thing does look pretty cool."

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CestusGOWIII3191d ago

I'd love Amanda to hold my...then I could hold her...

maxbyte3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

This could have more sense than all the guitar, drum set 'n' mike games.

MJY2K3191d ago

Still don't think it would be as good as getting an actual mixing deck. Shame decent ones are pretty expensive

Myst3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Currently have a Vestax CDX-05 costs about $300, this game more than likely would be cheaper. Being that I got a guitar after playing a small fraction of guitar hero and even having a friend ask to play in his band (which I had to turn down) I'd assume the same might happen. People will try this DJ Hero, get a feel for it and look into DJing. Some will probably be put off by the amount of stuff you'd have to get; either A.) Two CDX (or maybe Vinyl players) and a mixer; B.) Mixer, Laptop and a CDX or C.) Laptop, Mixer and a Vinyl player.

I know I'm more than likely missing an option though, but these music games have been pretty good for the music industry from what I've heard, maybe this has potential just as well.

{Edit - Hmm this went through as a reply, sorry.}

get2sammyb3190d ago

But to be fair, plastic guitars aren't as good as real guitars.

This game appeals to me much more than Guitar Hero. I assume it'll have music much more to my taste.

McRad3190d ago

They should have gone the Crackin' DJ route, it has 2 turntables and a crossfader and is made by Sega. The turntables are motorized and you use the crossfader to go to each side and scratch. Video attached showing the awesome.

Myst3190d ago

Wow after seeing that I kind of wish they went that route, normally DJs have two anyway so I was always wondering why Beatmania and others only had you playing on one (I'd assume to make it easier?). Looks nice and now I kind of wish they did go with two seeing that its been done before.

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