Will Nintendo Please the Hardcore Gamer at E3?

NextGen Player writes:

"Since it's relax day, that means it's time for another round of Mind Games, a feature where we ask you, the reader, to join in our discussions or answer our burning questions. We've recently been talking a lot about E3 here on NextGen Player, it I thought this week's conversation would follow the same topic."

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gumgum993069d ago

We really won't know until next week, I guess.

That's one think E3 ensures.

Chubear3069d ago

Will it please the Nintendo Hard-core gamer base? Yes.

SpoonyRedMage3069d ago

I think it may. Two games sounds particularily interesting. Tact of Magic and Dynamic Zan, an action RPG. Of course if they bring ANY of their old franchises back it'll be great.

There's also a good line up of third party games coming a long that should impress if they're at E3.

paulhunter3069d ago

I hope that Square-Enix has Dragon Quest IX and X at the show, those two in particular have me really excited.

TheMART3069d ago

Why would they if the nongamer audience buy any shiatware Nintendo gets on their supercharged gamecube?

Too bad. Nintendo shall never return to the real gamer. Only 1st party rehash like Mario, Zelda, Metroid Prime, Super Smash Bros, Pikmin and that kind of stuff. Anything else? Nope...

xyz1893069d ago

Depends on your expectations

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