Baby left In Car While Carer Played Video Games

Badassgamer: "Police in Kennesaw, Georgia have arrested a babysitter aged 56, after she left the baby she was supposed to be caring for, to play games instead."

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bmatthews3009d ago

couldn't she play games at home...after she puts the baby to bed?

poindat3009d ago

Well, considering it was inside a gas station, I assume that she was playing an arcade cabinet. Those aren't exactly the most convenient things to put in your home.

Still doesn't excuse her actions though. Real life priorities should always come first over superfluous pleasures, and this serves as a great example.

diablokiller183009d ago

The picture is hilarious though babys like wtf bit#h im outa here

fezthabest3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

That baby is more like " MMMMmmmm who's that hot mamma, she's got jugs to rock me to sleep"

EDIT: I didn't disagree though, i actually agreed

iNetWatch3009d ago

but on a serious note, this person is pathetic

table3009d ago

what sort of 56 year old woman plays video games anyway?!

barom3009d ago

and at a gas station?

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The story is too old to be commented.