Top 9 Gaming System Brands in 2009

Does Nintendo rule supreme? Research firm Millward Brown has released its fourth annual list and report, which ranks the most valuable brands in the world in a top list.

VGB adds: "While technology giants top the list, our favorite gaming systems have also been very successful in business and brand management. Let's forget about value and take a look at their popularity in the Top 9 gaming console and handheld brands."

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matt2473196d ago

The ps3 barely beats the original Xbox

WildArmed3196d ago

im glad you can read and compare numbers ^^

BlackPrince 423196d ago

I wonder what the polling sample was.

It makes sense for the DS and Wii to be at the top, and for the 360 to have the edge on the PS3, based on install base, but in what world does the original Xbox have brand name superiority over the PS2?

PS2 outsold Xbox like 6 to 1 and it's the only last gen console still in production. Hell, people often refer to my PS3 as a PS2, just because they're so used to saying it.

STK0263196d ago

I can see why the original Xbox topped the PS3, most likely due to the Xbox name also being in the Xbox 360 name. Alot of people refer to their 360 as their xbox, so I guess it helped alot.

What I'm really wondering is how the PSP is higher than the PS2, both bear the Playstation name, but the PS2 is much more iconic. It's widely used in movies, tv series, ads and books, while the PSP while being a good selling device is rarely seen.

SaberEdge3196d ago

Man Xbox has sure achieved a significant improvement in the market in terms of brand recognition. I loved my Xbox last generation and even though I had a PS2 as well and loved a lot of the games on that system, I was a bigger fan of the Xbox for its online service, for its amazing graphics and games like Chronicles of Riddick EFBB, Halo, Jade Empire, KOTOR, the Splinter Cell series and many more.

This generation I again own both systems and again I have a bit of a preference for my 360. I really do like both systems but Microsoft have done so much right this generation and only a few things wrong and I just love the overall gaming experiences the 360 gives me.

I am not trying to make this into a fanboy fight at all, because I really do love my PS3 as well. I am just happy to see that Microsoft has become a major player in the video game industry. I think they deserve it.

Shnazzyone3196d ago

Amazing how low the brand value of the PS3 is. Not to mention the oddity of seeing the brand power of the Game boy still currently trumps the psp and the ps2. Man... it's bad times for sony and gaming. Dark days indeed.