Top Ten Multi-player Games

Electronic Theatre Writes: This being a Sunday, today's weekly feature will be a light-hearted addition, in the form of the widely popular Top Ten list. This week's edition will focus on those after pub treats, online endeavours and social extravaganzas; the Top Ten Multi-Player Games.

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WildArmed3465d ago

i was hoping to see TF2 in there.
One of the best multiplayer games i've played.
Personally i think Valve did better with TF2 then L4D
(both are great games, but i still go back to TF2.. and L4D not so much)

cyguration3465d ago

to not include Smash Bros.

SpoonyRedMage3465d ago

Decent list but there's so many other games that could have been up there like Halo. I still think Sonic 2 is a great multiplayer experience as well.

mathsman3465d ago

I think tha halo gmes are brilliant, but top 10? And I don't think sonic 2 evere had a hope in hell, really.

Myst3465d ago

For some reason the site runs sluggish for me every time I visit it, anyway. Monster Hunter did pretty well for not being heavily advertised and pretty much going by word of mouth to reach 10. Kind of makes me wonder could it gain more ground due to the newer edition(s)? Also of course rock band would be up there :)