More hints for Capcom's secret E3 game

As the days until E3 officially begin wind down, Capcom continues to leave a few hints about their secret E3 game.

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mrv3213159d ago

The largest hint being the disk they mailed to reviewer the problem is it requires an unlock code to be bought so no one has leaked it.

Forrest Gump3159d ago

Twitter teasing is sooooooooooo last quarter.

Mini Mario3158d ago

Ghouls n Ghosts, >>? In 16 bit he he

sinncross3159d ago

It's Onimusha I reckon.

knox3159d ago

i'm thinking onimusha too.

MAiKU3159d ago

Really? I'm thinking the megaman X series, we haven't heard anything of it for quite some time.

Yeah i know it's kinda messed up now, but the first ps2 one was really bad and that didn't stop them from making another one.

GFahim3159d ago

yeh onimusha for the wii!

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The story is too old to be commented.