Thai officials shut down game sites following boy's suicide

Thailand's Criminal Court has shut down 72 online gaming and gambling websites, following the suicide of a 12-year-old boy, who jumped from his school's sixth floor balcony when his father banned him from playing games.

The 72 websites that were shut down are those that are considered to encourage online gambling, or lead to online gaming addiction.

Meanwhile, Thailand's Mental Health Department plan to send a team of psychologists to aid with counselling those close to the 12-year-old.

Pongsathorn Wattanabenjasopha killed himself after his father banned him from playing videogames. The sixth-grader was announced dead at Muang Samut Prakan Hospital.

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facelike3198d ago

Ok, let me get this right. A boy who was banned from playing games committed suicide. So to make sure more extreme cases like this do not happen, they decide to ban all games. Hmmm.......does this make any sense?

Dead_Cell3198d ago

Ban drinking - there's a chance we could choke on our vomit.
Swimming - We could always drown.
Electrical Appliances - We may feel the urge to put our finger in the socket.
Lets just ban reality.

AllroundGamer3198d ago

do you think that's air you're breathing? hm... ;)

JonahNL3198d ago

Now it's just a matter of time before the media starts feeding off this... Not good... '-.-

mrv3213198d ago

This seems stupid, I mean ok it's a sad situation but it's not the game that caused the problem - despite what everyone news reporter says - it's infact the lack of games that cause the problem, if anything they should force children to play games.

So they are banning gambling sites to because they are addictive, what about smoking that's legal in Thailand. For most countries it's just a balance between health and taxes, if alcohol become more dangerous raise taxes. If smoking become more widespread increase taxes. If CO2 causes global warming raise fuel duty. If the goverment truly cared for our health and only our health then ban the true dangers; don't go ban games because let's face it a mahority of voters won't stand up for games so games are an ideal skapregoat. They are played by children, let's protect the children. Taxes on them a low me little revenue loss. Most people in government don'r play games so who'll stand up for these policies.

edgeofblade3198d ago

This isn't government's job. This is the job of individuals to protect their families and themselves.

This father did the right thing, or what he felt like was the right thing. Unfortunately, that kid was already a mental case if he felt the need to commit suicide because he can't play games.

Why should the rest of society suffer because one nut reacted poorly? We pass medications that cause more death per capita than game addiction driven suicide. Why should 0.00000001% of people who felt the need to usher themselves off this mortal coil determine social policy for the other 99.99999999% of us?

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The story is too old to be commented.