Console Monster: Saints Row 2 DLC - Ultor Exposed Review

Console Monster writes: "The carefree, gangster-blasting world of Saint's Row 2 is a place of guns, gangbangers, girls and a distinct lack of guilt about the scores of murders that are being notched into the barrel of your 12-guage. Slightly behind the curve, my long overdue trip to the Row has been shelved on countless occasions, but taking up the gauntlet to review the first piece of Downloadable Content pie, I jacked a car, packed some heat and stocked my respect bar. Lots.

The great appeal of Saint's is that it is a very flexible game, agreeable to the palettes of hard core and casual gamer alike. The original never tried to be something it wasn't; it took the sandbox mould, ripped off the sides, fitted some wheels, some seats and plonked an acid-tripping hippie in front of the driving wheel - it truly went wild. Saint's Row 2 continued this off the wall trend through its zany, over the top characters and comedic resurfacing of its oft-beaten path..."

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