Pimp Game Demo now available

A demo for DigitalXpression's strategy title Pimp Game is now available for download.

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FragMnTagM3198d ago

that's um... well... horrid.

JoySticksFTW3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

"Recruit pimps, hos , fight local ganstas and prevent the cops from shutting you down...Gain special items to help your pimps and hos. Amour for protection and guns for damage. Dope will help your hos work harder and bring in more cash."

... that game kind of sounds fun! :D

Just keep the kids away (easier said than done), and don't use it as crime college.

Raz3198d ago

Looks like somebody built this in their grandma's basement. And apparently these pimps are from the future because they have rayguns.

Kakkoii3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Taking a look at the screenshots.. This is a horribly designed game. It's like something an 11 year old would make in 1988.