Modern Warfare 2 Takes Inspiration From Hollywood Action Movies "Modern Warfare 2 is moving ever further from the Call of Duty tag. Whereas the first Modern Warfare featured more realistic military situations, with a Cold War-edge to the proceedings, the sequel has found another solid inspiration: Hollywood. After going through various pics and the two trailers available online, we found more than just a few references to classic Hollywood action movies."

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crillyconlig3492d ago

reminded me alot of black hawk down

Nike3492d ago

When the USMC was in charge, yeah. It had the whole mood, especially in the part when a Cobra got knocked down. The SAS missions were more refined though. Gave a more behind the enemy lines feel.

SpoonyRedMage3492d ago

They already referenced movies in nearly all the CoDs. This is nothing new.

It's always been very cinematic too.

Nike3492d ago

All the previous ones were WWII shooters, no? :P

Well, there's certainly no shortage of movies for inspiration. I haven't played World at War...isn't it supposed to capture the mood of Letters from Iwo-Jima/Flags of our Fathers?

redsquad3492d ago

I think TOMORROW NEVER DIES is the Bond film he's thinking of, not DIE ANOTHER DAY.

Mikelarry3491d ago

Noooooooooooo...... thats just crazy talk

Event Horizon3491d ago

This is easily the best FPS/TPS out around. Better than Halo or Killzone.

Can't wait for this title.

Chnswdchldrn3491d ago

Because you've already played it, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.