Rock Band Unplugged Preview "Lets Get Ready To Rock!!!"

Just in time for Summer Vacation, Rock Band Unplugged gives you the ability to take the show on the road. Start a band and tour for fame and fortune while you learn to master lead and bass guitar, drums and vocals as a one man band. The multi-track game design takes the look, functionality and customization options of the Rock Band games and combines them with enhanced options built specifically for the abilities of the PSP. You'll be able to control all four instruments at once by hitting the colored gems in time with the musical tracks just as you've done on other Rock Band games, but now you'll have the added challenge of switching between instruments on the fly in an attempt to keep those note streaks going.

Rock Band Unplugged's soundtrack features 41 songs on-disc and an additional 10 songs will be available for download following the game's launch. You won't have to worry about listening to lousy covers, either – all the music in Rock Band Unplugged will be master recordings and span all genres of rock from punk and metal to alternative and classic. And then you have Rock Band Unplugged's in-game Rock Band Music Store which can be used to purchase downloadable content on the first game to enable the PSP's in-game commerce capabilities.

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XxSolid SnakexX3194d ago

This game is so awesome I love this game so much it's really good.

Redempteur3194d ago

it's such a shame ...i just don't understand ..
not ONE multiplayer mode a music game ... i just don't understand ..

chasegamez23194d ago

i game is sweet
i been playing all week

Gun_Senshi3194d ago

i don't like guitar hero/ rockband, but on psp it controls so good and is so muych fun

Mindboggle3194d ago

Its quite crazy how many people have downloaded it....God knows how many this will sell. Not many im guessing..